10 Celebrities Who Have Survived Shocking Murder Attempts

Celebrities Survived Murder Attempts:

The life of a celeb comes with wealth, fame, luxuries, admirers, and even haters. The more famous you are, the more haters you gain over the years. But in some cases, obsession turns more fatal than simple hatred. That’s one of the biggest drawbacks of popularity. Some fans get too carried away and passionate by their feelings and turn into stalkers. It has nearly cost some stars’ lives who luckily managed to get out of it safely. This makes it so difficult for them to breathe in the fresh air, independent of the security. How can we forget the legendary Beatles singer, John Lennon, who was shot and killed by a fan? Find out the 10 celebrities who have survived shocking murder attempts.

 1. Gordon Ramsay

Celebrities Survived Murder Attempts
Celebrities Survived Murder Attempts

The international celebrity chef missed a horrific death by merely a few minutes. He was in Costa Rica to shoot and bust the illegal shark fishing. He came across many groups that mercilessly chopped off shark fins while they were alive and smuggled them. A gang that also smuggled drugs got into a feud with the chef and his crew. They threatened them by pouring gasoline over them and pushed them against the wall at gunpoint. Luckily the cops arrived on time and rescued Ramsay and his team.

 2. Steven Spielberg

Facts About Steven Spielberg

The iconic director Steven Spielberg had a harrowing experience with a stalker, Jonathan Norman who broke into his house and tied up him and his family. According to reports, Spielberg said that he genuinely feared that Norman would have raped or killed him. Norman was then sentenced to 25 years of prison.

 3. Justin Bieber

Some hitmen from Mexico had devised a plan to murder the singing sensation under the order of an inmate in a Mexican prison. The gang was set on their journey to kidnap, kill and castrate Justin Bieber but got caught at the US border by accidentally taking a wrong turn. Their calls eventually got recorded and led to their arrest on charges of attempted murder.

 4. Madonna

The beautiful music queen Madonna was once threatened by an obsessed fan. According to reports, he climbed into her house and dramatically declared that he’d either marry Madonna or kill her. Her guards shot the man and handed him over to the authorities that later sent him to a mental asylum.

 5. Bob Marley

Before succumbing to Cancer, singer Bob Marley was one of the top targets of assassins. His involvement with the politics of Jamaica came in the way of some secret organizations that decided to assassinate him. Once, he and his family were attacked by some shooters but they survived it with some wounds.

 6. Sandra Bullock

This super creepy experience seems to have emerged straight out of a thriller show. Sandra was coming out of the shower when she found a stranger standing in her bedroom. Apparently, he had been watching her house from a distance for weeks and wrote journals about her. This fan even gave her a letter and signed it as “your husband”. According to reports, the actress made a call to 911 hiding from her cupboard.

 7. Mick Jagger

During the Altamont Speedway Free Concert, Mick Jagger’s Rolling Stones had hired the Hell’s Angels for security. However, the motorcycle gang was alleged with the murder of four people from the audience during the concert. Mick Jagger and his band condemned the gang’s operations and decided not to hire them in the future. The gang reportedly decided to avenge it planning a murder against Mick Jagger. They were on their way to his residence on a boat when a sea storm hit them and forced them to call it off.

 8. George Harrison

Celebrities Survived Murder Attempts
Celebrities Survived Murder Attempts

Just like John Lennon, another Beatles member was also attacked by a disturbed fan. Lead guitarist George was at his residence when an obsessed fan snuck into his home and stabbed him multiple times. It was Harrison’s wife who knocked him out with a lamp. By the time the cops and paramedics arrived, George’s life was hanging by thread.

 9. Jackie Chan

Even the intimidating martial arts hero’s life was in peril once. His long term tussle with a Chinese crime organization in Hong Kong had attracted many assassins after him. He was once out for a gathering when a gang of armed men had surrounded him with lethal knives. Such repeated attacks forced him to hire security from Mainland China and also arm himself with weapons.

 10. 50 Cent

Rapper 50 Cent was sitting in a car outside his grandmother’s house in Queen, New York, when he was shot nine times. Call it a miracle but he survived the injuries, though it took him months to recover.

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