DC Comics Update: Wonder Woman Will Die Soon And It’s All Superman’s Fault!!!

No one is immortal. You can level mountains with the flick of your wrist or lift an elephant with your pinky finger, you could be impervious to bullets and all forms of energy, you may not age, you may be able to fly at twice the speed of sound, but you are not immortal. No one is true. That is a sentence that applies to Wonder Woman more than anybody right now. DC Comics has revealed a massive twist in their pages. Wonder Woman will soon die and it’s all Superman’s fault.

Spoiler Alert: The Following paragraphs contain Major Spoilers for Justice League #42. Enter at your own risk….

DC Comics has revealed that Wonder Woman, Princess of the Amazons, is in perilous danger. The Amazon now finds herself facing a nemesis as old as time itself: Blood loss. After a few bullets bounce off of Superman’s invulnerable chest, they strike his most trusted ally in a peculiar and rather strange case of Friendly Fire. Wonder Woman has fought against Gods and Monsters but she never thought she would die due to a bullet ricocheting off Clark’s Chest. Given the political thunderstorm brewing in the latest Justice League issues, Wonder Woman has been caught completely off guard.

Under Christopher Priest, the Justice League issues are taking an interesting turn of events. Their home of operations were sabotaged and taken over by not a super villain but their craziest and biggest fan. This ‘fan’ did not want to kill the Justice League but make the world see for how capable they are. To do that he decided to drop the League members on a tribal nation in the midst of a harsh military standoff between the rebel and government forces in Africa. The events that transpired could be termed as nothing but horrific. But what could make the woman who can deflect Ares’ energy attacks with ease forget that Superman’s chest could deflect bullets?? Let’s find out.

The answer is a bit complicated but none too unfamiliar. There are hundreds of lives at stake this time, maybe even thousands. Men, Women, Children – are all going to be slaughtered by aggressive forces. If Wonder Woman realizes that the League, even though containing members that can literally move heaven and Earth, is not getting their hands dirty due to the political ramifications of race, ethnicity, nationality or ideology, anyone including Diana Prince could be easily distracted with the consequences of the League’s actions.

Lex Luthor is also hard at work to destabilize the situation. His forces are on foot with Luthor’s plans in motion to discredit the League as quick as possible. Red Lion, an African Dictator introduced in Deathstroke: Rebirth is also afoot to make things worse. Then there is the innocent looking child who is clueless about everything that Wonder Woman wants to protect. The Kid pulls a gun on the guy with the Chest of Steel and the bullet ricochets off him, hitting Wonder Woman. And that is how the Woman of Steel got her fatal injury.

The next issue then shows Superman trying to rectify his grave mistake. Wonder Woman may have an accelerated healing factor thanks to her Demigoddess origins, but her body still needs blood to function lest her healing factor won’t kick int. Superman decides to cauterize the wound. Flash soon enters the scene and carries away Wonder Woman to safety. Superman is advised to stay away from the frontlines so that the situation is not aggravated anymore by the clueless Kryptonian.

Wonder Woman dc comics superman

The Flash takes Wonder Woman to the only person who has enough credit in her credentials to cure the Daughter of Zeus. The Flash takes her to raven of the Teen Titans. How Raven will help Diana is a thing to ponder upon in the later issues. But the way Diana got injured spells one simple fact that everyone noticed but fail to memorize – Wonder Woman is not invulnerable, her braces are. Her body is not durable enough to stop bullets like Superman’s. Diana Prince’s powers include deflecting bullets, not stopping them. Wonder Woman, we hope you get back on track and nail the Son of a B*tch responsible for doing this to you.

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