10 Superheroes Who Would Make Superman Cry Like A Baby

Superman undoubtedly is the supreme and a famous character in the DC extended universe but there are more superheroes who are powerful than him and aren’t revealed as yet. Since they have not been in any DCEU movie. Probably there isn’t much space for several fiercest superheroes to wreck superman. So here is the list of 10 superheroes who are concealed by dc comics.

 1. Spectre

A superhero who gets his all strengths from the god and is the member of Justice Society of America having the insurmountable power of controlling the matter, space and time. Big superheroes and villains never get in his way rather respects him a lot as a superhero one of a kind. He is also counted among the godly superheroes. His power will be in no effect when he wants to judge or kill someone if the god’s appearance doesn’t want that so.

2. Martian Manhunter

Coming to the big screens, there hasn’t been any sign of this superhero know as Martian Manhunter, he has not been there since his last appearance in the 52 series of Stormwatch, j’onn j’onnz, who have the capabilities to shatter superman and can bring him to his knees. Besides having the same abilities alike superman i.e., flying, heat vision and the quality of not becoming vulnerable, he also possesses the power of telepathy, can shapeshift and the ability to become intangible. Witnessing his powers, once Superman himself admitted that he got threatened by him.

3. Phantom Stranger

Among all the sorcerers and wizards, Phantom Stranger is the most proficient and skilled magician and was last seen in the mini-series – Trinity of Sin. He mostly helps other superheroes in assisting them and also resolves the matters in which he has to deal personally. As compared to superman powers, Phantom possesses such great abilities which is not even known to him like immortality not only that he is a teleporter, can travel through different dimensions, eliminate magic, omniscient and all – wise, exploit reality and can sustain himself without air. He can only be defeated by the gods or deities.

4. Firestorm

Several utterances of this superhero have been taking place nowadays. He is considered as the mightiest in accordance with Batman and he also has numerous superpowers which can break superman down easily. Well, his abilities are comprised of shooting nuclear fusion blasts, reposition of the atomic and subatomic structure of matter can convert any part into the desired part, rearranging his molecular state as to shape-shift or regenerate which gives him the power to survive without food and water. Apparently, DCEU hasn’t been in contact with this character for a long time.

5. Composite Superman

An Antagonist or a villain who is having the variety of superpowers and is not yet revealed in DC movies. Character’s name is Joseph Meach who once tried to commit suicide but Superman saves his life and gave him a job at the Superman museum, struck by the lightning and by the statues of all superheroes he got so powerful and have different powers comprises of different heroes that even legion of superheroes could not be able to defeat him. God knows that if we had to have a chance of even having a glimpse of him in the upcoming era of DC movies??…

6. The Presence

DC Universe has this another superhero who is a god and posses the abilities to do anything. He has taken many and various forms as a powerful being and has the enormous strength which includes the bodiless voice of god and origin of Spectre’s abilities. Presence coming second to the only primal monitor, who is the canvas to all the writers, Omniscience and Omnipresence. Possessing abilities like this clear the doubt of why not displaying this character in DCEU yet??

7. Amazo

A Character fiercest all, as Amazo was a creation of a mad scientist known as Professor Ivo, who was very crazy and had a strong obsession of powers as a result he ends up making a beast, who has the amalgamation of the strengths and powers of the Flash, Wonder Women, Aqua-man and Superman which evidently makes him more powerful than Superman as he was last seen in new 52. Having the exclusive abilities to absorb the powers of other superheroes, the question is that will justice league’s all that long and hard training be worth to stop him??..

8. GOG

An insane powerful DC character goes by the name of William Mathews who possess the power of God. Owns such captivating powers like making people wishes come true, super-humanly powers, twist time and reality and flight. On the other hand when it comes to “GOG vs Superman”! This statement gets pretty clear from the Mark Waid’s ‘The Kingdom’. Retaining these supreme powers he went back into the time and kill Superman and then goes again into the day before and kills him again! In spite of DC comics, there is no sign or any indication of this powerful character in the DC world.

9. Mister Majestic

Having almost identical powers like Superman makes Mister Majestic the second version of him. He was the answer of Wild-storm to Superman. As he has the powers similar to Superman but to the more extended level like telekinesis, telepathy, the ability to be invisible, move faster than light and unlimited power move the planets. When it comes to the heat vision Superman is left behind when/if compared to Mister Majestic as he hundred times stronger than him. His last appearance in the comic ‘team seven’. Since then there isn’t any glance of this superhero in any of the DC movies.

 10. Doctor Fate


A Powerful Sorcerer in the whole universe out there, having the supreme capabilities of magic which in turn has always been the weakness of the superman. The presence and the Spectre’s powers are maybe mightiest than him but doctor fate keeps up the dire capabilities to thrash superman. He is not only limited to the superman’s power but have those super abilities of telepathy, telekinesis, invulnerability and was not authorized to explore the full extent of his own power, every problem would have been solved if he would have done the same.

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