Here’s How The Humans Captured Kong Before Godzilla vs. Kong

When we talk about crossovers, 2021 literally redefined the very meaning of the word with Godzilla vs Kong. The Titans prepare themselves for a head-on collision, only to collaborate later on to fight a bigger enemy. The movie focused on many aspects. Elements like Hollow Earth, APEX, the relations between the two Titans, and Kong’s connection with Jia were all covered beautifully. But one aspect of the story was not at all mentioned. That is – How The Humans Captured Kong? Well, now the mystery has been solved.

How The Humans Captured Kong?

Humans knocking down Kong was. A surprising element that was not discussed in the film. Originally, the Godzilla vs. Kong novelization dedicated a few pages to it. Of course, knocking down a great ape was a major task. However, the book has a solid plan for this. Nathan was worried about the same and confronted the Monarch scientist, Samual L. Jackson’s Packard who brought up the events of Skull Island.

Packard had a plan which was using the napalm that could render the ape unconscious. Apparently, this happened because the napalm “sucked up all the oxygen from the immediate atmosphere”. Practically, Kong needs a lot of oxygen for his tremendously massive lungs. This is the loophole that they’ve been looking for. So knocking down Kong unconscious wasn’t actually impossible.

How The Humans Captured Kong

Monarch did not use Packard’s method. They took the base of his action and found their own way. They figured out how to knock down Kong and put him in a protective containment facility. But they used a different method. They injected Kong with an odorless chemical that would deprive him of oxygen. Naturally, the scientist told Nathan about the number of experiments and the final product that is successful.

They knew that it was a successful plan and they had to use it. As a result, they were able to take Kong out of the protective containment facility and place him on the battleship. After this, they had to do it again to take Kong to the Hollow Entry entry point which was believed to be in Antarctica. It is now explained how the behemoth was in the possession of humans in the first place.

Unconscious Kong

In the movie, Kong was in human’s possession twice. However, the movie does not shed light on this matter. First, we see Dr. Ilene Andrews (Rebecca Hall) agreeing to Dr. Nathan Lind’s (Alexander Skarsgård) plan. As a result, Andrews agreed to let APEX and Monarch take Kong away from Skull Island. Soon, we saw an unconscious Kong on a massive battleship. It was a matter of time before he was confronted by Godzilla and was knocked out again.

After his confrontation with Godzilla, Kong was once again seen unconscious. The humans were once again possible in transporting Kong with zero trouble. He was taken to Antarctica where the entry to Hollow Earth was believed to be. Kong did not wake up through his entire journey and the humans did not fear that as well. Moreover, it was never explained in the movie. King Kong has been tranquilized before in 1993, but this version of the ape is much bigger. Thanks to the novelization, it’s all clear now.

Kong’s Journey

Knocking down Kong was an essential part of the story to progress further. Kong would have never let humans willingly transport him to the wide-open sea in the first place. This wouldn’t have led to the epic battle between him and Godzilla. It was shown that Kong was indeed less powerful than Godzilla, but he could hold his own against the Atomic Breath Lizard.

Next, taking him to Antarctica was the main point in the story. If he wasn’t unconscious, he wouldn’t have gone to Antarctica. Which means the Hollow Earth wouldn’t have been explored. But the movie should have added a minute or so to explain their process of knocking down Kong unconscious. This point should have been explored at least once. However, this points to the fact that humans have advanced their technology to a major level. So for further MonsterVerse projects, we can expect some serious advancements in their ways as well. Also, Adam Wingard has expressed his interest in exploring the Hollow Earth which would be an interesting angle.

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