WB Announces New Wonder Woman Game And Here’s The First Look Trailer

The DC universe is ever-expanding and although the comic company may not have struck gold with its movie franchise yet they are still hitting it out of the park with their games since the last decade. Batman Arkham series is one of the most acclaimed in the genre. It has become a benchmark for the hand-to-hand combat game industry and that is what is expected out of other DC games at this point. Incidentally, WB has announced a new Wonder Woman Game. Here is the first trailer of the game as revealed by WB. Take a look:

The trailer is quite different than what we have seen before. It seems that the game developers are leaning more towards the Netherealms’ style of teaser with revealing the character models before they reveal the actual gameplay or setting. A story trailer would have been nice but like previous games in the genre the theme seems to be ” become Wonder Woman”. It seems that DC wants to make its heroes more approachable for everyday fans with their games.


New Wonder Woman Game

After the initial trailer reveal the reactions from the fans have been mixed. On one hand, we all know the challenges that come with creating a game around a super-powered character. But Wonder Woman has the advantage of not being Superman. She is more of a melee combatant than the man of steel. Also, she has vulnerabilities that are more pronounced than her superhero brethren. It makes for a good game when the protagonist has vulnerabilities and can be put in situations that challenge them.


Basically, if the character is too powerful then the player will have no challenges to overcome and the primary gameplay loop will be unsatisfying. So we wonder what kind of things the developers have in store for us with this New Wonder Woman Game. We would love to see a good game from DC that matches the Arkham season. Let’s see how things go.

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