DEADSHOT is Finally Getting His Own Suicide Squad Spin-Off

In 2016, DCEU introduced a team comprising of only villains that garnered as much love as it did hate from movie audiences. Suicide Squad made $745.6 million globally and help DC Extended Universe loosen itself up. The studio had come under fire for taking itself too seriously, even when it didn’t need to be.

Harley Quinn proved herself to be a scene stealer, so it came as no surprise that the character would be getting a standalone feature film. There had been speculations of other Suicide Squad members getting a chance for a solo film as well but nothing panned out until now…until now. The Hollywood Reporter reports that Warner Bros. is developing a Deadshot spin-off as well as a Suicide Squad sequel.

Deadshot, played by actor Will Smith was a character which resonated well with movie audiences. Smith’s portrayal of Deadshot made audiences root for the character, even though he was a mercenary killer who killed at the drop of a hat for a huge sum of money. The actor has the ability to charm audiences and make them root for his character to succeed no matter what. A perfect candidate for a standalone film.


Suicide Squad explored only a partial part of Deadshot’s story, so a solo movie would be the perfect opportunity for the character to have his backstory be explored. Like Harley Quinn, the villains story would no doubt be entwined with Batman’s in some way or the other, so it could also be another step into the Batman canon or even the Justice League sequels.

Suicide Squad

In the comics, Deadshot aka Floyd Lawton  is the hired assassin who regularly boasts to “ never miss.” He grew up in a wealthy household with his mother, abusive father, and brother Eddie. Eddie was the golden child while Floyd was a problem child and was despised by his parents. Floyd’s parents despised each other with Floyd’s mother claiming his father of being “too abusive,” which prompted Floyd to kill him. Floyd tried to shoot  his father from his tree house, but missed and killed his brother, Eddie, instead. From that moment on, Floyd swore to never miss another shot again. He grew up to become a supervillain in Gotham and was an arch nemesis of Batman.

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