Thor 4 Leaks Reveal Gorr, The Heroes and Major Plot Details

The Marvel Cinematic Universe has been growing at a rapid pace. We have seen the universe go from a single-celled organism to a complex biological creature, metaphorically speaking. As things stand, it is not surprising that Marvel Studios is dipping into the latest comic stories to extract interesting storylines for the cinematic universe. Take Thor 4 for example. Taika Waititi was so impressed by Jane Foster’s Mighty Thor that he decided to make a whole movie about it. Although not much is known about the movie, new Thor 4 leaks reveal Gorr, the heroes, and major plot details. Join us as we explore this new information.

Thanks to Murphy’s Multiverse the fans have been able to set their eyes on the first look at the design for the main characters in Thor: Love And Thunder. The site revealed an image featuring the new wave of Marvel Legends action figures for all the major players in Love and Thunder. This includes the first complete look at Gorr’s design in the MCU, a look at Ravager Thor, Chris Pratt’s new beard, and some major plot details featuring King Valkyrie. The information contained in this leak of the range of action figures is interesting but it is also scattered. Let us try to make sense of all of this piece by piece.


Thor 4 Leaks Reveal Gorr

The new wave of action figures has a very interesting piece. It features a full-length reproduction of Christian Bale’s Gorr as he would be appearing in the movie. It seems that the moviemakers have decided to take some creative liberties while adapting the character into the cinematic universe. If the action figure is completely accurate to the movie’s design, then it can be concluded that Gorr is going to be different from the comics. His black cloak has now been replaced by a white robe for starters. Moreover, the head tentacles are now completely gone. Gorr is also no longer naked and actually has a full-length cloak protecting his dignity, which is a nice change of pace, to say the least.


Thor’s New Ravager Costume

Thor 4 leaks reveal Gorr

Even Thor is seen sporting a new look in the action figures. He is wearing a white vest and a ravaged jacket. This character is called Ravager Thor and he is different from the Thor we met in Endgame. For starters, it seems that the character is back in shape and has fully adopted the ravager persona. We have seen the vest and the design on it several times before but now it is on full display with this new wave of action figures. This version of Thor also has his trusty Stormbreaker beside him and will most probably be the first Thor we encounter in the movie. There is also another action figure of the character in his classic outfit which we like a little better.


Chris Pratt’s New Look

Another reveal we get from the action figures leak is that Chris Pratt’s Star-Lord seems to have changed his look. Rather than sporting a stubble and his classic jacket, Star-Lord has shifted to a full beard and a leather overcoat. This seems to signify that the character has evolved since the last time we saw him. Moreover, now there is a real chance that he has become worthy of the name “Star-Lord”. Still, Chris’s character is a goofball and we are sure that someone or the other will comment on the costume change in the movie. As we all know, Taika Waititi is very on the nose with his meta-commentary.


King Valkyrie Vs Gorr

The last revel from the leaks comes from King Valkyrie’s action figure. When we look behind the box we see some details that have not been revealed yet. The synopsis talks about a visitor attacking New Asgard. As far as we understand, this can be no one other than Gorr the God-killer. But the question is why would Gorr choose to attack New Asgard when there are no Gods there? Maybe he is trying to lure Thor out. Regardless, Valkyrie will have to take up arms against this new threat and protect her people. Looks like Thor 4 leaks reveal Gorr, The Heroes and other major plot details.

Let us know down in the comments how excited you are to see King Valkyrie Vs Gorr and keep watching this space for everything Marvel, DC, and Hollywood. Excelsior!!!


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