15 Superheroes Who Have Defeated Doctor Doom in a Fight

Every face has a mask to conceal its identity. But literally when a brilliant scientist has his handsome face scarred, it’s an evil birthright to become history’s biggest monster. Men tremble in fear when summoned upon the Master of Science and Sorcery. Victor Von Doom aka Doctor Doom has been established as the premier villain of Marvel Comic Universe. Ascension into villainy and the sovereign conqueror of Latveria seeks mankind betterment through world conquest. He remains the unequaled and unparalleled nemesis of Reeds Richards and his A-Team listers, The Fantastic Four. However, his Shakespearean smart talks are to hit the bottom of the ocean, when he comes to know about his magnificent defeat tad too many times than he’d admit. Quoting him in his gorgeous throwbacks for regal statements,

“Pain? Pain is like love-like compassion! It is a thing only for lesser men. What is pain to Doom?”

 1. Ant-Man

The story of Ant Man and his daughter Cassie’s death has been brought up at several points in comic history. One Darth Vader moment when he was awakened after being assainated by Scarlet Witch, he witnessed the death of his daughter in hands of Doctor Doom. Unlike all vengeance something undertook him till he got the queue at the end of Matt Fraction and Mike Allred’s run on the Fantastic Four Spinoff comic FF. Like the dictator who was both Iron Man and Doctor Strange in one metal, the avenger Scott Lang aka Ant Man was able to pulverize Doctor Doom extracting metal by metal from limb to limb. The comic book science explained Pym particles as not only enlarging human size but rather enhancing human strength and durability of the user that goes beyond the power of Thor.

 2. Old Woman Laura

Logan was the farewell of the entire mutant race who ran in hiding from the human exterminators. The old surviving Logan aka Wolverine saved his daughter Laura at the tremendous cost of the animalistic hunt down. The New Mutants were the next generation of species bred under shocking civilisation environment. However, in a distant future when most superheroes survived the tyranny of villains in plethora. One proved worthy to stand against them all.

Doom was the perfect dictator who could slaughter the purpose of heroes from being the last survival race. An entire security fight scene outside a throne room proves the best throwback to the old Logan series which involves a few tech upgrades in X-23’s blood, including energy claw. Like father, the daughter brings it all in the hell’s kingdom of Latveria to take on Doom. But the consequence comes at a price.

 3. T’Challa’s Valour

A Black Panther universe will certainly take a large role in Avengers 4, for Doctor Doom is the big baddie. The actual plan is to intersect the fate of the marvel characters along the 2010 comic book storyline Doomwar. Villainy takes peak when the evil scientist gets the nod from the spirit god Bast in an all style avatar sequence, for sheer dedication towards villainy in entirety. Committed, iron-willed and with the assist of his sheer intelligence he became the perfect contender for the Wakandan empire.

So, towards the end when the Avengers assemble for the final saga, an intense physical conflict takes place between Reed Richards and Victor Von Doom. But alas the lord shall taketh away the right, when the Black Panther gets possession of the Infinity Gauntlet only to go back in time that generated the remaking of Earth 616.

 4. Squirrel Girl

squirrel girl

Superheroes Edition Marvel No. 8 Squirrel Girl saves the billionaire playboy philanthropist Tony stark from the evil clutches of Doom with the help of her mind-boggling Rodents Squirrels. The comic book explored the social satire of a girl superhero who can control squirrels to defeat any supervillain. No questions were ever asked by comic book fans again.

 5. The Young Avengers of Mother Scarlet Witch

The seriousness of sorcerer Wanda aka Scarlet Witch caused severe consequences while creating the alternate reality, where magneto was the leader and the mutants conquered the world. The aftermath of the powerful magic was faced with several demises of mutants who lost lives when the reality was restored. The alive Hawkeye tracked Scarlet Witch down to a village near Wundagore mountain only to find her memory lost. The same arc was then carried out in The Children Crusade when teen titans of marvel superheroes Wiccan and Speed (The Young Avengers) decided to know about their mother more. Sucking out all the life force from, the children left him to his own misery with minimal powers for marrying Wanda brainwashed.

 6. Wonder Man and Doom

Wonder Man has been used as a pawn for three occasions. He assumed the role of the legions of the unliving when revived by Kang The Conqueror from his many months of animation stage on saving the Avengers against Baron Heinrich Zemo. On his revival, he was forced to battle the Avengers. Then he was created as the perfect weapon as a living zombie awakened by the Black Talon to create a second succession attack.

Superheroes who have defeated Doctor Doom

Wonder Man can be referred to as the white knight since he was the weakling of the Grim Reaper. But when he was returned to his true life he aided Marvel superheroes against Doom. Doom had created the perfect supreme over Earth with the aid of his fellow truce Purple Man, Nemor, and Psycho Prism. Psycho Prism has the power to control everyone’s mind to follow Doom’s tyranny. However, thanks to Wonder Man the ionized superhero with great super strength, psycho prism was executed, and the world got saved from Doom’s reign.

 7. Deadpool and the Team he always wanted

The Merc with the mouth gets his pals in trouble on a malfunctioning experiment at Parker Industries. The interdimensional travel of the Antman series lands them in a universe which has Death mask as the alternate version of the evil Doctor with a criminal empire under him. So Deadpool, Spiderman and Hulk are off into a war with their familiar roles against fantasy, sorcery and betrayal since Bruce Banner is the sorcerer supreme, who banished Hulk. Unfortunately, Wade Wilson is the face behind Doom’s Mask. Their familiar roles however do create the perfect illusion when Wade stops Death Mask and takes his place to destroy his self-made criminal empire internally.

 8. Political Connections

Also, in an alternate timeline Doom is so tired of his plans thwarted by the Fantastic Four, he seeks the interpolitical assistance of Henry Kissinger, an American statesman, political scientist, diplomat and geopolitical consultant who served as the United States Secretary of State and National Security Advisor. For someone who shares a similar status with immortal space gods, this was a bad comic idea.

 9. The Iron Man

When Doom goes back in time to steal the magical stones from the sorcerer in the infamous Iron Man Series. They both find themselves in King Arthur’s Camelot timeline. Doctor Doom is the Iron Man we always wanted. He is the perfect spotlight of technical wizardry, imagination, artistry, and passion that brought his endeavors to full criminal possession as witnessed above when he dominated Wakanda. The camaraderie between Iron Man and King Arthur stated its bond as a great chemistry. Whereas Doom with Le Fay’s Zombies were no match for the tide they encountered against their opponents. Things had to sort out between the two Iron men till the moment they returned home on their present time.

 10. Light it Up

Somehow Doom’s horrid fate seems inescapable. On reception of a golden orb from an old person, he uses the technology fully to stop the escape of the Fantastic Four who were the inmates of his castle prison. Instead, it was the revealing escapism of the old man, Thor of Earth 311 who appeared before him to disfigure his face for permanent.

 11. Doom hates Cupcakes

Once when the Avengers headquarters got invaded by Doom, he held them hostage with the help of a neutron bomb. The hyperactive superhero Rage who didn’t give a care about the world smothered doom’s face with a Cupcake who had nothing at his aid. Fortunately for him, he smothered a lowly villain’s metal face.

 12. Hush Hush Mother’s Coming

The Secret Wars event was enough to cause Victor Doom to change his shakespearen dialogues. His mother Cynthia Von Doom the devil incarnate had a plan designed specifically to destroy her own son along with the maker who happens to be the evil parallel of Reed Richards. Together they were on the path to destroy the only villain who gained self- consciousness for the evil deeds he executed. Too bad the after events of Civil War II had to make him realize the goodness he still had within.

 13. Allied

If comic fans believed that there was a possibility of DC and Marvel universe to collaborate. It was that the universe did collide together once. As a Civil war arc, Spider-Man and Superman worked together to take on Doctor Doom. Wonder woman was the dame who wasn’t happy with the boys playing well together since she had the instinct that the Marvel Poster boy was the actual enemy. Later he proved himself worthy of her trust and they worked well together.

 14. You can’t escape Luke Cage

Luke cage formerly called the Power Man has monetized blaxploitation cinema (film for blacks) during the 1970’s. He was also known for following his contractor Doom till the imaginary world of Latveria. He was a hired mercenary of the evil doctor who summoned him to kill fake doombots in New York from stopping his business. On completion of the task, Doom was nowhere to be found until he was followed by Luke cage to his conquered kingdom where his face got broken, for he did not pay him. The gratitude mostly belonged to the Fantastic Four who lend Luke Cage their jet when asked of them.

 15. Take for Two

The hunt for Reeds Richards and Sue Girl becomes the core expedition, after the events of Secret Wars Doom now with a change of heart is a superhero who supports the duo Thing and Johnny Storm with their ongoing search for the Fantastic couple. On the interstellar expedition, he meets his parallel self which doesn’t settle well when they face off each other in a deadly duel. In any case he receives the beating so raw, he wished he could have escaped.

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