Arroverse Crossover To Bring Massive DC Female Character in the Upcoming Season

In its many years of keeping the superhero drama alive, Arrow has always been a favorite show for introducing lesser-known characters in its universe. It was the success of Arrow which finally led to the inception of ‘The Flash’, which is not showing any signs of fatigue yet. From Black Canary to Arsenal, Arrow has managed to keep injecting fresh blood into the show with its exciting characters having a dark past. And this time, the character who will be making the appearance in the upcoming crossover in the seventh season is straight outta Gotham!

Last year, Arrow did something crazy which made the entire internet go wild. In October, Arrow decided to name-drop arguably the most famous character from the DC Universe; Batman. Well the name-drop didn’t technically refer to Batman, but, it was referred to the genius, billionaire, playboy Bruce Wayne from Gotham City.

As more discerning news about Oliver Queen, the mayor of Star City being the vigilante Green Arrow made the rounds, the mayor decided to fiddle with the reporters by using Bruce Wayne’s name to get himself cleared. Also, according to one of the reporters, Bruce Wayne was in Star City for some kind of deal. After confirming that The Dark Knight exists in the Arrowverse, it was only logical to introduce one of the lesser known characters from Gotham. Also, the internet would lynch the show if the show runners wouldn’t capitalize on one of the best parts of the DC Universe.

According to Stephen Amell, who plays Green Arrow on the show, the character who will be making the appearance on the next crossover event would be Batwoman from Gotham. Till now, it’s unclear how the Arrowverse will introduce Gotham, but, it’s definitely happening.

For the uninitiated, Batwoman is an important member of the enviable Bat-Family. While Batman takes the limelight for himself (literally) on most of the occasions, the other members of the family have also managed to carve a name out for them. From the Robins to Catwoman, most of the members are quite popular with the fans. But unfortunately, Batwoman has stayed away from the limelight for quite some time.

The introduction of Batwoman in the Arrowverse would be the first time she will be portrayed in the live-action format. Previously, Batwoman has been portrayed in the acclaimed animated movies by Warner Bros.

Batwoman was originally introduced back in 1956. But unfortunately, she failed to find popularity among the fans. In 2006, Batwoman gained her rightful fan-base with the introduction of Katherine ‘Kate’ Kane as the vigilante. One of the most important features which made Kate Kane popular was her sexuality. Being an openly lesbian character, Kate Kane amassed a massive fan-base as homosexuals have always been denied their basic rights. As a strong-willed woman, Kate Kane also possesses quick wits along with some badass hand-to-hand combat skills, which makes her an important part of the Bat-family.

Katherine Kane is the daughter of Colonel Jacob Kane and Captain Gabi Kane. She also had a twin sister Elizabeth Kane. Being the daughter of two high ranking officials in the armed forces, the twin daughters were always at risk of being abducted by terrorists. One day, a group of terrorists from the Religion of Crime abducted both the sisters along with their mother. But before help could arrive, Katherine witnessed the execution of both her mother and her sister, which left her traumatised forever. But soon, she joined the armed forces which she had to leave eventually because of her sexuality.

Afterwards, her father married a billionaire from Gotham which made Kate a socialite in the city. Known for her wild partying and drinking, Kate was seemingly aimless, till one day, she was saved from mugging by The Dark Knight himself. Finding the will to become a vigilante herself, Kate decided to travel the world to study while also using her newfound wealth to create weapons and suits. After her regular stints of crime fighting in Gotham, she managed to attract the attention of Nightwing, and eventually, Batman himself.

Arroverse Crossover To Bring Massive DC Female Character in the Upcoming Season

It’s yet to be seen how Arrowverse deals with the origins of Katherine Kane aka Batwoman. But nonetheless, it will be an unpredictable ride for Team Arrow, as they venture into the unchartered waters of Gotham, where the heroes are as dangerous as the villains.

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