Top 10 Superhero Movie Trilogies, Ranked

We live in an era where Superhero movies are the lead runners in Hollywood. And if a Superhero does really well on the big screen, he is bound to get a trilogy. Till now, we have witnessed many of these big trilogies and here are the best ones ranked from worst to best.



The Blade trilogy had set the basis for what we have today. It proved that Superhero movies can be taken seriously by the people as well. It may not have been as successful as the later mainstream Superhero Trilogies, but still, it was one the best of the early 2000s.

Bat-Family Animated Trilogy

It started with Son of Batman, went through Batman vs Robin and ended with Batman: Bad Blood, giving us the best-animated action we could ever get. Based on the New 52 comics, it took the Batman storyline to a whole new level. Beginning from just Robin, it established many different characters of the Bat Family within 3 movies.

The Original X-Men Trilogy

This trilogy actually defined the Superhero genre and made the way for other mainstream Superheroes to come in and do their bit. Brain Singer’s first two X-Men movies are actually one of the best Superhero movies and because Brett Ratner screwed up with the third one, this Trilogy stands at No. 8. Still, this was the premises of how Superhero Team-up movies should be.


Thor had a decent origin, but then the follow up went downhill as it was thrashed a lot and is possibly considered the worst MCU movie till date, then Taika Waititi showed up to fix things in the best way possible as Thor Ragnarok was surely the best of the three and it was the boldest movie Marvel has ever attempted.

Iron Man

Iron Man surely got the best Superhero origin story in the entire Superhero genre and laid the foundation for the entire MCU today. Then came in the other two Iron Man movies which did please the fans a lot, but there were also people that did not like the way they were handled. Still, Iron Man made Robert Downey Jr the biggest name in Hollywood.


Hugh Jackman’s most beloved role shined through his 3 solo movies that we got to see. Even though the first one was thrashed by the critics as well as the audiences, Jackman still gave a remarkable performance and then he made up for the first movie with the next two. He totally killed it with Logan and gave us his best performance till date leaving the role for good.

The Prequel X-Men Trilogy

Beginning from X-Men: First Class, going through the truly remarkable Days of Future Past, and ending with Apocalypse (even though the third one sucked), this Trilogy redefined the X-Men in a grand fashion while totally erasing the movies that happened in the past in the best way anyone could expect. This trilogy created a future for more X-Men movies in the upcoming years.


Sam Raimi’s Spider-Man trilogy was surely the best of the Superhero movies that came out in the period of 2000-10. It had a great origin story, followed up with one of the best Superhero movies ever made, and ending with a fan-enraging, but still, pretty action packed 3rd installment in the franchise.

Captain America

The best trilogy of The MCU has surely been Captain America as it began with the best possible origin story, a totally kick-ass sequel redefining Cap in the new era, and ended with a war that everyone wanted to see on the big screen. The entire trilogy was driven by amazing character performances and a butt-load of ass-kicking!

The Dark Knight

Nolan’s The Dark Knight Trilogy is without a doubt the best of all in this genre. It proved that Batman is the most iconic and beloved Superhero of all time. The trilogy has been the best in all aspects. It had action and story in the perfect ratio and it is the only trilogy that has hit the $Billion mark twice at the box office. It grounded Batman in reality and gave us Heath Ledger’s Joker!

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