Zack Snyder Shares A Secret Wonder Woman Photo That Would Have Changed Diana’s History

Everyone knows that Zack Snyder had a very different version of the DC Extended universe planned for the fans. His ideas revolved around the comics and he wanted to create a world where harsh realities had to deal with magic and mythology. A big part of this effort was the lore associated with the heroes that were presented to us. We got to know Gal Gadot’s Wonder Woman as she was in the modern world through Batman V Superman. It was quite clever of Zack Snyder to show us things from Batman’s perspective.

Zack Snyder Shares A Secret Wonder Woman Photo

We all felt like we were going on the detection journey along with Bruce Wayne, trying to figure out the intentions and actions of this woman who called herself Diana Prince. The biggest clue that batman had was a picture of Diana with Steve that dated back to the second world war. But Zack Snyder recently tweeted something that would have a thrown a wrench in this investigation.

For a long time, it was the accepted norm that Zack Snyder would be responsible for overall world-building in the DC extended universe. He even had major storylines and plot points planned for all the main heroes including Diana Prince aka Wonder Woman. All throughout 2020, we saw the director attend zoom meetings and other events through virtual means but there was always something in his room obscured from view. Some fans even asked him what it was, to which he replied that he was not allowed to reveal it. Recently, he posted the above picture disclosing to the fans that it was in fact the original print of a war photo. The only thing was that this picture was not from the Second World War. It was from a war that was fought in 1853. This means that Snyder wanted Wonder Woman to be a force who was even ancient and even further beyond our imaginations.

Zack Snyder Shares A Secret Wonder Woman Photo

But we got a different version of this picture and also, presumably, a different version of who Diana was as a character in Wonder Woman. The tone of the movie shifted when Patty Jenkins took over from Zack Snyder and the origin story was given a complete overhaul. It is a safe bet that it was at this moment when the decision was made to change the picture and this ended up in permeating to Batman V Superman as well. We could have seen a wonder woman who had been fighting for centuries but Jenkins went with a version which was still unaware of how the World of Man worked. It was quite surprising to see that this picture was even colorized by fans online. People truly have a lot of talent and a lot of love for this genre of movies.

Zack Snyder Shares A Secret Wonder Woman Photo

The story of wonder woman is one of heartbreak and growth. Born into a warrior tribe of amazons, Diana Prince was a gift from Zeus to her mother. Being the daughter of the king of gods Diana Prince has massive strength and unparalleled power. It was also by this power that she defeated the god of war. But her power is not her only weapon. Wonder Woman is a trained warrior. She can hold her own against heroes like Batman and even give Superman a run for his money without resorting to kryptonite. She is quite an amazing character and her story arc is even more accentuated with her layered past.

Zack Snyder Shares A Secret Wonder Woman Photo

Could we have got a better origin story if the above image was Diana’s first adventure? Perhaps. But we can never know just what Princess has gone through. Her greatest weapon has always been her unshakable will and her razor-sharp instincts. She was bred to keep us safe from the things that lurk in the darkness and her presence In this world is a blessing for us all. What do you all think about the information Zack Snyder has been sharing recently, do you believe that any of it could tell us what will happen next in the DC extended universe. Or do you believe that it is being shared because there is no chance that the studio will use it now? Tell us what you think in the comments below.

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