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The Origin of the Mystery Ship From Loki Possibly Revealed By Director

Loki is the newest edition of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. The show has developed a cult following ever since its release. People find the multiversal narrative particularly fascinating including the numerous versions of Loki themselves. The alternate reality shenanigans are also a pet peeve of such narratives. It excites the fans and titillates our curiosity. We have begun to view the MCU as more than just a linear franchise. It has already introduced time travel into the main ethos and now the writers are diversifying into more convoluted storylines. Marvel loves easter eggs and they have included a number of them throughout the Loki show. The most interesting of which seems to be the mystery ship in the season finale of the show. After much speculation, it seems that Loki’s director has confirmed the Origin of the Mystery Ship:

In an interview with CinemablendLoki director Kate Herron shared some details about the easter egg. She said that eagle eyes fans would recognize the ship almost immediately. It is supposedly a Marvel staple, which means that we have either seen the ship before or it is a nod to an obvious ship.

In the interview, the director had this to say:

“So I would say that, for the spaceship, it was a fun Marvel nod. We had a homepage to Contact, but I was like, ‘Okay, how can we get this a bit more MCU flavor?’ So it was kind of picking some… I would say if people look at the ship, they will recognize it. It’s been in a few things. [Laughs]”

The Analysis

Origin of the Mystery Ship

MCU does not lack strange vehicles, in-fact we suggest you give this a read if you want to see more wacky vehicles. In this scenario, the Loki team thought it would be funny to include a particular ship in the season finale of the show to give comic fans something to chew on. The Origin of the Mystery Ship has been largely unclear as of yet. But now Kate Herron has given us a hint and we have some theories, one that we particularly like. The end of the show features a lot of small nods to a lot of characters that we are yet to see in the MCU. The same thing is valid for the ship.

Fans have previously speculated that the ship looks like a Quinjet. They think that it is one of the stragglers from Avengers: Endgame or even possibly Avengers: Age of Ultron most probably piloted by The Incredible Hulk. We did find Hulk at the end of the universe so it is entirely possible that the Quinjet is heading to Sakaar and this is what the fandom believes. But we speculate that the ship is not a Quinjet at all. We think that it is the Fantastic Four spaceship heading towards the cosmic storm that gives the Richards family their powers. After all, look at the shape of the ship, it looks remarkably similar to the original spaceship.

The Breakdown

Origin of the Mystery Ship

It is our sincere belief that the multiversal war will be the cataclysmic event at the end of Phase 4. It will bring about the culmination of all multiverse theories and thereafter introduce us to the next big MCU villain. It is also likely that the next lead character in the MCU will be Reed Richards and not Spider-Man. This means that the MCU writers must set up the Origin of the Fantastic Four and also put them in the front and center of the character list so that they can be in a place to lead the multiversal Superhero forces. It is a lot to do just for a single phase of the MCU. The writers don’t have much opportunity to work with. They must use every chance that they get to put in small nods to the Fantastic Four.

This is why we believe that the Origin of the Mystery Ship is in fact the spaceship of The Fantastic Four. It will be very clever of the writers to pull such a stunt amid a new crisis. They do have an affinity for setting up new things when we are distracted by the old ones. It is a clever subterfuge and one that the MCU writers seemed to be well versed in. The entirety of the MCU is so wide that it is not easy to keep track of all that is happening. Well, unless you are a writer or a comic nerd. I guess we at Quirkybyte are a bit of both.

Which Origin of the Mystery Ship are you satisfied with? Let us know in the comments.

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