Did Avengers Infinity War Confirm the Appearance of a Major Marvel Hero?

Avengers Infinity War has been a big topic this year due to the hype of the collective number of superheroes expected to make an appearance in the film. A number that seemed unfathomable in previous years has nearly become a reality, as the movie has been expected to close out the third Phase of Marvel Cinematic Universe. Apart from regular players like members of The Avengers, names like Star Lord from Guardians of the Galaxy and Doctor Strange have been speculated to make an appearance in the film but have not been confirmed yet.

The Avengers Infinity War movie has been expected to start production in the new year, although scenes with Thanos have already been shot in November. Movie Casting Call posted a new casting call for the film that seems to indicate two players to definitely make an appearance in the movie. Among the list of names, the website focused in on the addition of Brie Larson and Karen Gillan in the casting call.

Brie Larson has been cast as Captain Marvel, who had been speculated earlier to make her debut in the film. She will also be the first female superhero to make a solo movie in Marvel in 2019. Karen Gillan plays the character Nebula, the step-sister of Gamora and daughter of Titan king Thanos. She is also a prominent figure in the next Guardians of the Galaxy sequel, with James Gunn stating that the sequel will concentrate on family relationships.

Avengers Infinity War

Casting calls, however, have not always been a guarantee about which cast will be present in the movie as false information has also been given out in past movies. Is this the fate of The Infinity War cast? We may never truly know until production start.

If the casting call list is true, then the presence of Carol Danvers would be important, given that she is one of the most powerful heroes in Marvel Cinematic Universe. But will she be introduced with her powers in full form or would that be saved for her solo feature? And Nebula was a dedicated and loyal servant to Thanos, the last we saw of her. The sequel should certainly contain the fate of Nebula’s destiny and her opposition to Thanos, or it could be a reverse role, with her still being loyal to her father.

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