Did Someone Say Butter Chicken Momos?

Yes you read the title correctly. No it’s not a scam. They do exist- butter chicken momos! For me, life is about following one rule and one rule only. Always say yes to food. And when it’s non-vegetarian food, scream yes! From octopus, to buffalo meat, to shark, I have tried a variety of non- vegetarian dishes till now, but my favorite still remains butter chicken.

For someone who simply relishes butter chicken and can eat it in any form, be it pizza, pasta, or with a piece of naan, word about these momos came to me as a mouth watering surprise. It was during a boring lecture that my friend mentioned this heavenly delight and showed me a picture. She told me about the window eatery that had recently opened up opposite our college called ‘Crazy Bruno’ and that they were the ones doling out these flavorful creations. Excited, I suggested we try them that day itself! So what if we would have to do a few extra crunches later. Sacrifices have to be made sometimes. After all, “live to eat” was our motto.

Soon after class, we rushed over there and placed our order. It was crowded as we expected, so we stood in front of a huge fan, under the shade of an umbrella, waiting in anticipation. After what seemed like a painful ten minute wait, it was presented to us, six beautiful pieces covered in thick saffron colored gravy. My friend and I dove into them hungrily and within minutes, they were gone! Scraping at the plastic plate with our forks, we tried our best to get the remaining drops of gravy without looking like animals (though I guess it was too late for that). When it finally hit us that we had polished the plate clean, we looked at each other with sad eyes and made a pact to treat ourselves to this god sent dish once a month. Paying the cashier, we said our goodbyes and went home. Needless to say, the auto ride home had me with my hands on my full tummy, smiling ear to ear.

M. Megha

A passionate writer, artist, movie buff and a hard core non vegetarian, she enjoys trying new and different things. Comedy and thriller movies are her sources of comfort. A student of psychology, she finds the subject fascinating and often incorporates it into the occasional fictional pieces she pens down.
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