Game of Thrones: Here’s How the White Walkers Will Cross “The Wall” and Kill Everyone

We all know the Winter is Here. North is preparing for it. All the Northern lords in Westeros have come together to unite against a common enemy. Jon Snow has even reached a pact with the Free Folk to take down the real enemy, i.e, THE WHITE WALKERS. Right from the first episode, we have been waiting for an all out war between humans and the White Walkers. Well, the dream of every fan might not be that far away. The dead are coming. The show is gearing up for a gruesome battle and they have teased this battle right from the very moment Jon Snow fought them at HardHome and then there was this moment after he was resurrected.

Jon Snow has already alarmed everyone about this threat and he is gearing up for a battle to protect his people. And now, Dany also stands with him. Even though they lost Viserion, Dany, and Jon uniting against the Night King and his army of the dead will make for an epic showdown.

Many believe that White Walkers can’t cross the Wall. The Wall is not only huge but magically protected by the Children of Forest. But Jon is still wary of the Night King, and he is right. Here are a few possibilities on how the wall can come down in the next episode:

Possibility 1

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Remember how the Three Eyed Raven’s cave was protected from the White Walkers? But still the White Walkers managed to enter it because the Night’s King had marked Bran. Now, Bran also managed to cross the Wall. Does this mean that the magic that protected the Wall is gone because Bran Stark crossed it? This theory is very plausible and again Bran Stark turns out to be the ultimate villain after getting Hodor and many people killed.

Possibility 2

Sadly for all the fans (not for many), the Night King is now in possession of what many call an ICE DRAGON. Viserion is no more. It is a huge possibility that this ICE DRAGON could come into play when White Walkers are trying to get past the wall. Till now we have seen the dragons “frying” everyone and now we may see dragons “icing” away!

Possibility 3

The army of the dead could just walk around or climb the wall. They are in huge numbers. This will be possible but not epic. We have already seen this in World War Z. It is a kind request to the show runners to not to do the same on Game of Thrones.

Possibility 4

This idea wasn’t in the rumour mill until very recently. There’s a mythical object which hasn’t been addressed by the show till now. It is called HORN OF WINTER. In the books, the Free Folk have often mentioned that this Horn has the power and magic to bring down the wall. In season 2, when Sam found dragon glass, he also found a horn. Since then this horn hasn’t been mentioned in the show.

What we definitely know is that the Wall is coming down, and most likely in the Season 7 finale. Now, how it is coming down is a matter of speculation among the fans. We hope the White Walkers just don’t walk past it. All the fans are cheering for an epic fall and a gruesome battle when the Wall is being breached by the dead.

white walkers
Dany and Jon will work together to take down the Night King

HBO has already revealed the title of the last episode and we can’t stop making our own conclusions from it. So the title of the finale of season 7 is ‘The Dragon and the Wolf’. With 1 hour and 19 minutes of runtime, this finale will clearly take the show to the next level. Hopefully, it will give us plenty of jaw-dropping moments and a lot to think about as we have to wait an eternity for the last season after this!

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