Top 10 Most Loved Geeks in TV Shows

Loved Geeks in TV Shows:

The Television industry is full of geeks as people love to watch these non-mainstream characters. Most of these characters have often annoyed us a lot over the years but we still cannot do anything but love them as their imperfections make them a lot more relatable to us. Here’s a list of loved geeks in TV shows.

#10: Carlton Banks

Loved Geeks in TV Shows

Played By: Alfonso Ribeiro

TV Series:  The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air

The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air is an iconic TV show that made Will Smith into a superstar. The show produced another amazing character named Carlton. He was the best friend we all hope for and he stuck with Will through thick and thin, even though their personalities were worlds apart.

#9: Lisa Simpson

Loved Geeks in TV Shows

Played By: Yeardley Smith

TV Series: The Simpsons

Lisa is one of the smartest characters in the entire show and has a staunch moral compass. She shares nothing in common with her dysfunctional family. Lisa is very warm, gentle and has no trouble in speaking what is on her mind.

#8: Steve Urkel

Loved Geeks in TV Shows

Played By: Jaleel White

TV Series:  Family Matters

Steve Urkel was initially written to be a small character but his impact was so big that he became the main character of Family Matters. His attire was very peculiar and his high-pitched voice could annoy anyone. Thanks to his antics, he became the funniest character in the show.

#7: Leonard Hofstadter

Loved Geeks in TV Shows

Played By: Johnny Galecki

TV Series: The Big Bang Theory

Leonard Hofstadter is a socially inept experimental physicist who falls in love with his eccentric neighbor Penny. He gets along very well with other nerds, unlike his friends. He is the central character of The Big Bang Theory and he often gets into trouble due to his even nerdier friends.

#6: Fez

Loved Geeks in TV Shows

Played By: Wilmer Valderrama

TV Series: That ‘70s Show

Fez had the most exotic foreign accent one could hope for but despite that he had a hard time with the ladies. Fez is the kind of person that would straight out say what is going on in his mind and that often got him into several peculiar situations.

#5: Spock

Loved Geeks in TV Shows

Played By: Leonard Nimoy

TV Series: Star Trek: The Original Series

Spock had a deep capacity for emotions and compassion, even though it did not seem like that on the surface. He was logical, calm-headed and cared a lot about his friends, but he was unable to express it fully. Leonard Nimoy was exceptional as Spock and he is the true reason behind the popularity of the character.

#4: Ross Geller

Played By: David Schwimmer

TV Series: Friends

Ross was smart, caring and thoughtful. But he was also very awkward and a hardcore nerd. He had the innate urge to always be right, which made him arrogant sometimes, but most of the time it backfired on him. His on and off relationship with Rachel was one of the biggest plot points of this legendary sitcom.

#3: John Dorian (J.D.)

Played By: Zach Braff

TV Series: Scrubs

J.D. loved daydreaming, and those were very childlike and peculiar. His friendship with Turk was amazing and we could only hope to get friendship like that in real. He liked to narrate his life in his head and his personality was very lovable. Even though he was immature at times, he was an amazing doctor.

#2: Dwight Schrute

Loved Geeks in TV Shows

Played By: Rainn Wilson

TV Series: The Office

Dwight is undoubtedly one of the most badass characters on television as he is skilled in almost everything, except when it comes to people. But he got a lot better at that as the show progressed and transformed into a very lovable character.

#1: Sheldon Cooper

Rude and Insulting characters

Played By: Jim Parsons

TV Series: The Big Bang Theory

One of the most intelligent characters in television history, Sheldon Cooper was a Genius scientist who knew everything. But he was terrible socially and had no clue as to how to maintain relationships with others. He was very cocky at the start but thanks to his friends, he learned to be a better person as time passed.

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