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25 Savagely Funny The Big Bang Theory Memes That Will Make You Laugh Hard

The Big Bang Theory is an amazing sitcom that has geeky, nerdy, funny, cute, sarcastic and caring characters. Sheldon Cooper is one of the most favorite characters in the series. They have been entertaining us since 2007 and still is one of the most watched TV shows worldwide. Check out the funniest The Big Bang Theory memes that will make you laugh hard if you are a true fan:

This is me, all the time!

So Moved!

Burn, Burn, Burn!

The Big Bang Fusion!

Admit It!

So True!



The Reason is Clear!

So Terrible!


Sheldon, You Got It Right!

The Nation Wants To Know!

The Best part!

Oh No!

Your Idiot, Forever!



He’s So Zazzy!

That’s His Spot!




Nothing To Concerned About!


Heartless B*tch!

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