• Hollywood

    10 Celebrities You Don’t Know Are Big-Time Geeks

    Celebrities Big-Time Geeks: Geek is the new sexy! In a place like Hollywood where most of the things run on fashion, appearance, glitz, and glamour, some celebrities are secretly geeks. Even these creative people are obsessed with science, comics, academic degrees, and other cool stuff. Find out what makes these celebs excited outside screens and sets.  1. Natalie Portman It…

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  • TelevisionLoved Geeks in TV Shows

    Top 10 Most Loved Geeks in TV Shows

    Loved Geeks in TV Shows: The Television industry is full of geeks as people love to watch these non-mainstream characters. Most of these characters have often annoyed us a lot over the years but we still cannot do anything but love them as their imperfections make them a lot more relatable to us. Here’s a list of loved geeks in…

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