5 Superheroes Who Just Can’t Help Keep Their Identities A Secret

Instead of all the mighty super powers, our heroes have, most of them fail to perfectly conceal their identity and that when the writers mend everything up with at retcon. And in the end, for all the good, no one knows who is behind those masks. Listed here are five superheroes who could not take care of the secret identities.


Considering the amount of money that goes into owning all the possible bat-themed technology, the one to own it should be filthy rich and considering who is the richest in Gotham. Also taking in account who produces the most advanced technology “Wayne-tech”. so the answer to the question who Batman is behind the mask? daaah!


With Superman, the lack of a mask makes his secret identity very unsafe. Adding to it, Clark Kent is featured the most by his paper and Superman is one the most clicked person in DC universe, isn’t it too easy to just figure out with naked eyes, the similarity rather replication of a face with another? But maybe Superman is too good at acting that he makes people see what he wants.


Spiderman’s habit of prioritizing helping other has often stimulated thoughts among his loved ones and friends. Also, Spidey once revealed his identity on national television when he served as the poster boy for superhero registration act. Although, later it was retconned in some event of “one more day”. Spidey out of all has been the most cautious about his secret identity but never enough!

Iron Man

To give reasons for why the MCU decided to abjure the secret identities of their movie heroes, we can come up with some reasons. First, it was done with a motive to create a connection between all the movies so that they are related. Second, because through a modern lens, secret identities are unnecessary for superheroes. Now it really makes some sense that why Tony Stark said he was Iron Man at the end of the first MCU film.

The Flash family


The first Flash, Jay Garrick, just wore a helmet to protect his identity which clearly makes him top the list, among the others of his family, for being bad at maintaining a secret identity. also, he got clicked for a magazine cover. The modern Flashes aren’t any better, say, Wally West, who shows off her red hair from the top of his costume and same is the case with Bart Allen aka Impulse.

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