Venom: Here Is Everything You Need To Know About Supervillain Carnage

Carnage is one of the most ruthless villains of the Marvel Universe. With no respect for life whatsoever, Carnage is something of a person who just wants the world to be in chaos. All the time. He has been a villain of both Spider-Man and the anti-hero Venom. Though Spidey and Eddie Brock (Venom) don’t share a good relationship as initially they were enemies themselves, still, both have often been seen together, fighting Carnage.

Carnage is an amalgamation of the alien symbiote that bonded with its host, Cletus Kasady. Unlike Brock, who wasn’t a criminal before the symbiote got attached to him, Kasady was already a serial killer. He had a rough childhood, tormenting parents, being bullied.

So he, mentally affected did some pretty bad deeds himself. Like killing almost his whole family, torchering a dog, even got almost beaten to death after which he was sent to an orphanage. While his stay in orphanage Kasady came to this conclusion that there is no ultimate truth in life except chaos- that arises from fear, tears, scars, and blood. This according to Kasady was now the ultimate way of life.


To know that he completely feels true about what he believes in, Kasady also kills his best friend after which there is no turning back for the would be Carnage. This is all before he even became Carnage. He after coming out of the orphanage became a serial killer, tormenting the city of New York. He is then captured and put into prison with Eddie Brock.

While in prison, a drop of Eddie’s symbiote gets into and infected wound of Kasady’s making him Carnage. This is the reason why Carnage refers to Venom as a father. What’s even worse, that the symbiote can’t be detached from Kasady’s body like it can be done with Brock’s as it is not the symbiote that has bonded with Cletus, but has entered his bloodstream.


This is how Carnage was formed, what’s more, is that he’s way stronger than Venom and Spider-Man, can make weapons like axe from out of his body, is faster than the two and can also not be sensed by Spidey’s Spider Sense.

Now we just have to wait and watch what the Venom film is going to bring for us. Also let us know in the comments section below, which actor do you want to see in the role of Carnage.

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