Marvel’s Big Plans for Moon Knight and How He’ll Arrive in Avengers 5 Revealed

Moon Knight is coming to the MCU big time. The Coronavirus pandemic may have delayed his arrival a tiny bit, but he is soon to become a huge character for the MCU. Originally, the production for Moon Knight’s Disney+ series was supposed to begin around October this year, but now it seems that the show will go under production in 2021. Rumors suggest that Moon Knight is supposed to become a part of the Midnight Sons and the appearance of Mahershala Ali’s Blade in the series will make sure of that. But Kevin Feige and co have even bigger plans for the character as he is also supposed to join the Avengers.

Now that’s obvious. The Avengers are Marvels big crossover event film and even the heroes that belong to different factions such as the Guardians or the Revengers join the Avengers in these films. So, the Midnight Sons will obviously become a part of the Avengers as well. Meaning, we should expect Moon Knight, Blade & Ghost Rider to be alongside Captain Marvel, Doctor Strange, Spider-Man, Black Panther & others.

Moon Knight is yet to be cast, but we should expect the casting news of the character to arrive soon. There is a chance that this announcement would be made when Marvel presents their panel at “Comic Con at Home.” Anyway, we have got a major scoop from Marvel Scooper Mikey Sutton via Lords of the Long Box. He revealed how Moon Knight will become of great importance to the Avengers and the MCU.

Marvel’s Big Plans for Moon Knight Avengers 5

Here’s the write up that Mikey Sutton gave to LOTLB so they could present it to the world:

“He is insane! Often compared to Batman, Moon Knight is no man in black. Rather, he is a menacing figure in silver. A ghostly cloaked hero who also stalks the midnight hours. Haunted by multiple personality disorder, Moon Knight deals with the psychological baggage more complex than the Dark Knight. Moon Knight has also had a challenge in live action history. He was planned to appear in the short lived Blade TV series in 2000s (before it was cancelled), and in Season 2 of Iron Fist. Of course he was replaced by Typhoid Mary. If you remember Season 2 of Iron Fist, Typhoid Mary was basically Mark Spector. She was a nutty kind of character who was supposed to be Koon Knight.”

Typhoid Mary was used well in Iron Fist Season 2. It was a great replacement for Moon Knight. We’re glad that Marc Spector wasn’t used up by Netflix or else we would’ve had to wait for his arrival in the MCU. Moon Knight couldn’t appear with the likes of Blade and Iron Fist in the past, but he can certainly crossover with them in the coming future. Mikey Sutton continued with Moon Knight’s involvement in Avengers 5, and possibly even in the West Coast Avengers:

“As The Avengers evolve with more cosmic members such as Captain Marvel and soon Nova, Kevin Feige is seeking balance with some more grounded superheroes especially with Captain America no longer present. Moon Knight delivers streetwise grit to Earth’s Mightiest heroes with a bit of Doctor Strange weirdness as well. There’s also been talk of a West Coast Avengers. Originally intended for Midnight Sons, Feige felt that there was more potential for the character to generate Sparks in The Avengers.”

Marvel’s Big Plans for Moon Knight Avengers 5

It is true. Adding a character like Moon Knight to the Avengers would certainly make things interesting. His personality disorder will surely elevate the story to a level it hasn’t reached yet. But Moon Knight has something very important to contribute, as his knowledge of Kang, the Conqueror is what will bring him into the team. Sutton continued:

“According to my inside sources, Moon Knight is recruited into the Avengers not simply for his extraordinary abilities and fighting skills (which would be full display on his own Disney+ series), but the Avengers seek his knowledge of the Pharaoh, Rama-Tut from the Egyptian history who would later become Kang the Conqueror. Mood Knight will be unlike any previous Avengers members before. He is darker, an unpredictable character, an anti-hero of sorts. He won’t get along with everyone. In fact, I’m told in the beginning even Luke Cage will have a difficult time bringing him down.”

So there you have it. Moon Knight will have connections to the version of Kang that existed in Ancient Egyptian past – Rama-Tut. This more or less confirms that Kang will be the next big bad that the Avengers are going to fight. We will possibly even get a bit of his ancient history in the Moon Knight series, and the future version of Kang that everyone is familiar of would possibly be covered in the Loki series (and in Young Avengers). Let’s see how characters like Luke Cage (Yes, he seems to be coming in as well) and others interact with Moon Knight.

Marvel’s Big Plans for Moon Knight Avengers 5

Mikey Sutton has got many scoops right in the past. He was the first one to break out the news about Spider-Man coming to the MCU in the Civil War. He has recently presented scoops about how the stories of Nova & Adam Warlock will unfold in the coming future. And now, we’ve got this exclusive information about Moon Knight, which seems to be quite an amazing story-wise. We have to take things as a grain of salt until they are confirmed officially by Marvel. But considering Sutton’s previous track record about MCU scoops, this information about Moon Knight could turn out to be legitimate.

The Moon Knight series will possibly arrive in 2022.

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