Flash Season 2: It’s Almost Confirmed Who is Mysterious Man in the Iron Mask!!

The Flash Season 2 is entering into the last lap with just three episodes remaining in the season. In the last couple of episodes, we saw how Zoom captured Wally west, threatened to kill him if Flash doesn’t give up his speed force, he complied and Zoom/Hunter Zolomon became the fastest man alive across the multi-verse. He tried to kill Barry but Caitlin intervened, so he took her to Earth-2 instead. He killed Killer Frost when she tried to harm Caitlin, in a way Caitlin has become his obsession, a shot at redemption.

In the last episode titled “Back to Normal”, the last scene had Harry/Prof. Wells telling Barry that he would restore his speed force by recreating the events of particle accelerator explosion. He assured him that he would execute it to the point of perfection and knows how to control dark matter and anti-matter forces. But Barry couldn’t gather the courage to relive the agony of being struck by the lightning again due to sheer unpredictability. But when Cisco’s brother World of Warcraft doppelganger from Earth-2 turned up, attacked CC Jitters but got pinned down by the hologram of Flash, it infuriated Zoom and he took matters into his own hands, killed all the SWAT team members live on television to spread terror across the Central city as foretold by Harry. This pushed Barry to the edge and he agreed to Harry’s demand of getting his powers back through a controlled particle accelerator explosion.

We also saw Barry’s father Henry Allen returning to the show, when Barry told him that it was Jay Garrick who is Zoom, he was surprised and told him that “Garrick” was his mother’s maiden name. There are ample hints dropped in the show which suggest that mysterious man in the Iron mask is another version of Jay Garrick, now that Henry Allen confirmed that he has a connection with the surname ‘Garrick’, his doppelganger on Earth-2 is the one locked up in Zoom’s cage. CHEERS!!

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