Justice League Theory: Why Batman & Joker Are Teaming Up

The new trailer of the Justice League, witness the arrival of the Darkseid with his search for the anti-life equation finally bringing him to earth. The Anti-life equation has forever been Darkseid’s ultimate goal to complete his dream of universe domination while taking over every powerful being that he ever crosses paths with and can subdue the being while using the anti-life equation to bring them under his control. The Anti life equation gives its wielder the power over any being no matter how physically or mentally strong that person might be. Darkseid’s pursuit of the equation has brought him to earth and seems like the members of the Justice League are about to taste first-hand the terror that is called Darkseid.

The new trailer of Justice League offers a diverse insight into what we may expect from the coming movie. The trailer starts with Superman having an open cavity in his chest and him screaming at the top of his voice. Now because he is the living God, his voice kinds of creates ripples in the air which seems to be traveling at the sound of light with instances of his scream breaking the sound barrier. Now we are aware that there are only two people in Clark’s life that matters to him the most first is his stepmother Martha and then there the love of his life Lois Lane. The pain he seems to be born is something which we have never seen him go through, well apart from the time he had died and then came back to life.

Batman & Joker Are Teaming Up
Batman & Joker Are Teaming Up

In the next scene, we are transported to a scene where spaceships seem to fly in a city’s airspace with most of the city turned to ashes. Diana is seen entering a room with Darkseid’s image being carved out on the wall in the form of wall art depicting the return of the being called ‘Darkseid’. The next reel shows are the return of Steppenwolf or maybe Darkseid’s general that probably looks like Steppenwolf, who seems to be preparing an army to lay a siege on earth. The being begins with an attack on the Amazonian island of ‘Themyscira’ killing and laying siege on the living populace of the island with the Being striking the earth with the anti-life equation signaling Darkseid for his welcome to planet earth.

During the narrative, Batman realizes that with one of their strongest team members out of the equation, he and the Justice League would require or need many more warriors or many more hands-on deck. We are also made aware of the seriousness of the situation especially when in a scene we see Batman holding a gun, something which the masked vigilante has never resorted to even whilst battling and going head-to-head with the living Man of Steel himself. Batman’s weird promise to never kill another human being seems to have lost all meaning in this arc of the series, as he seems determined to do anything to stop Darkseid and his army of Parademons, No matter the cost.

Batman & Joker Are Teaming Up
Batman & Joker Are Teaming Up

In the concluding scenes, we see the Cyborg bringing out his arsenal of different weapons to possibly trying to make a difference in an attempt to stop Darkseid and his army from advancing their siege on earth. With Aquaman and Flash coming into the picture and the league watching their last hope probably shoot towards the sky in an attempt to run away the horrors which might have unfolded in front of him at least for the time being and then the God emerging in a completely black superman suit. For those of you who are not aware of the specifications of this suit, because of its black color, it helps Superman absorb the maximum solar energy from the earth’s sun. The suit may not be indestructible, but sure as hell makes superman one by allowing him to soak in maximum solar energy to help him regenerate his lost power.

Batman & Joker Scene Details in Justice League

Now in the last, we are shown that the times have called on for desperate measures which why apparently Batman has turned to Joker and a few other known criminals of Gotham city and handed them guns in an attempt to stop the invasion. Just before the camera zooms in on the Joker, he is heard questioning Batman about honor being a distant memory. Now, this may imply a lot of speculations, but the closest one that we are guessing that when the Parademons invaded earth, they must have gone on a killing spree as commanded by the generals of Darkseid and in that attempt killed anyone who would oppose their rule. Now see Harley Quinn’s behavior and mental stability it seems that somehow Harley Quinn had suffered at the hands of the Parademons and because of this Joker has decided that this time he will fight alongside Batman to put an end to all the destruction and Chaos.

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