Justice League: Darkseid’s Anti-Life Symbol Explained

The marketing gimmick of Zack Snyder’s Justice League exclusively featured the anti-life symbol, which hints at Darkseid and the arrival of his Apokolips army on earth in the Snyder’s cut of the movie. A teaser of the Justice League Snyder’s cut released on 11th February 2021, showed Darkseid’s general Steppenwolf striking the ground beneath him holding a new weapon and forming the anti-life symbol around the area of the strike. As the cloud of dirt dissipates, we can see the symbol of anti-life engraved on the barren land. The Anti-life symbol is a mark of the Darkseid when he is in complete control of any living being, with access to a part of the anti-life equation.

Yes, the anti-life equation is the Detective Comics (DC) greatest conspiracy theory. It was based on the concept of the Life equation which helped the wielder of the so-called equation to implicate free will. So, from this concept, Darkseid figured that there has to be an anti-life equation that would allow him to take away the free will of any being in the universe and subjugate them to his will. This was 300 years before it was made known to the readers of the comic book.

While the scene provides the best look at the anti-life symbol, it should be made precariously clear that this is not the first time the anti-life symbol has appeared in the Detective comics extended universe (DCEU). In Snyder’s ‘Batman vs Superman: Dawn of Justice’ back in 2016 batman’s nightmare shows him a hardened version of him standing at a viewpoint overlooking the ruins of a city. Before Batman and the ruined city lie a vast barren land with the anti-life symbol inscribed all over the land, later on in the dream Batman is seen been killed by a Superman who looked like was being controlled by someone and just before snapping out of his dream sees Flash warping through a time-space continuum being access by the Flash on tapping into his speed force and giving him a hint or clue to what is to come.

Similarly, the anti-life symbol made a brief appearance in 2017’s Joss Whedon’s cut of Justice League, featuring Wonder Woman’s explanation of her story about Steppenwolf’s primary attempt to invade earth back when the world was united against him and his army.

It has been made pretty evident that the anti-life symbol will be a lot more prominent in the upcoming Justice League Snyder’s cut, which will premiere on HBO Max on March 18, 2021. The anti-life symbol is the reason Darkseid and his army of Parademons have come on earth. From the earlier references, it has been discovered the secrets to the formula of the anti-life matter are hidden somewhere in the subconscious mind of the human race. The ability to take away a person’s free will with fear, threat, and conditions, yes sounds something like what humans do. Darkseid has cracked this part of the equation and wishes to use his army to cover the earth’s populace and wish to experiment with every human being until he gets what he wants.

According to Batman’s vision of the future from Dawn of Justice, it seems that somehow Darkseid successfully manages to invade earth and manipulate Superman into killing and destroying the last of defense earth had – Batman. The director Zack Snyder pointed out that Darkseid’s invasion of the planet earth successfully allowed him to gather the equation of anti-life from the human race which he uses to take Superman under his control. Which would have been easier for Darkseid, as all he had to do is get Lois Lane killed by a human by manipulating a human with the part of the anti-life equation that he has in the possession and use superman’s anger against the same race he once rose to defend with his life.

Regardless of the untold scenarios which may arise in the future one fact is certain that any information relating to the anti-life equation that comes up in this series of Justice League is certain to make waves amongst the fans of the Detective Comics Extended Universe (DCEU). The 2017 sequel of the Justice League somewhere missed the point of why would Darkseid want to lay siege on earth and the upcoming storyline in March tends to be the connecting dot to a lot that has happened in the last few Detective comics extended universe (DCEU) series which may include Wonder Woman and Aquaman too.

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