How All Cowboy Bebop Netflix Characters Compare To The Cowboy Bebop Anime

The anime world is quite eccentric. Japan has made these shows into an entire genre. They have their own style of animation and storytelling that is unlike any other. The simple lines, the beautiful art pieces, and the exquisite color palette make Japanese anime the highest quality in the world. Some anime can be credited as the ones who inspired the anime culture. Apart from the big four, Cowboy Bebop is one of those animes that can be considered on par with them. With the Live-action version streaming on Netflix, here is every difference between the characters of the show and Cowboy Bebop Anime.

Mad Pierrot

This was not a character we expected to appear In the live-action adaptation but it has been revealed that he is being played by Josh Randall. Cowboy Bebop anime had him as a recurring character who would target the protagonists time and again. The live-action version of this character is quite similar to the clown makeup, the gun, and the leviathan powers. The only difference in Netflix’s adaptation might be the origin of the character.


In the Cowboy Bebop anime, he was subjected to a large number of experiments that ended up granting him supernatural powers. But the truly scary thing about the Netflix version is the face makeup of the character. It is truly horrifying to see the black circles and white wraith-like face paint.


Cowboy Bebop Anime

Ana is the adoptive mother of Spike in Cowboy Bebop anime. They are not related by blood but by love. She acts as the moral guide for our protagonist at crucial points in the story. That part has largely remained unchanged even in her live-action appearance. The part that has changed is the way she looks. But Ana still loves whisky and scathing wisecracks as much as her anime version and  Tamara Tunie plays the character perfectly.



Elena Satine plays the enigmatic Julia in Netflix’s Cowboy Bebop anime adaptation. The sultry character is a syndicate agent in the anime and her role in the live-action show is pretty similar. The choice of Satine is also very appropriate. Julia only appears in flashbacks in Cowboy Bebop anime, we wonder if it is the same in the show? Have you seen her as Julia? What do you think? Does she hold up against the anime version?



Every good story needs a good anti-hero. What’s a better anti-hero than an old rival who used to be the protagonist’s old partner. Vicious used to run with Spike back when he was the syndicate. They pulled all kinds of shit and Vicious is a recurring character in the Cowboy Bebop anime. The episode titled “Ballad of Fallen Angels” also featured the iconic church battle between Spike and Vicious that has been teased to be in the Netflix adaptation too. We hope that the character is similar to the anime version.



Ein is the resident mascot of Cowboy Bepop anime. It is a Corgi and there is not much to change in the character. It’s a dog and dogs are cute. The data dog will make a comeback in the series and beguile us with his looks like he did in the anime. We cannot wait to see the dog in action with his cute face and light up the day of Spike, Faye, and Jet.


Faye Valentine

Cowboy Bebop Anime

Faye Valentine is played by Daniella Pineda in the Netflix adaptation of the Cowboy Bebop anime. She is the same loud-mouthed self-serving crew member she has always been. One might say that this kind of Tsundere is a trope in all the anime, but this character is not exactly a Tsundere. I mean, is Nami from One Piece also a Tsundere, perhaps in a sense. Faye has remained more or less the same in the transition to Netflix live-action. But her wardrobe has been adjusted to be not that revealing.


Jet Black

The Cowboy Bebop anime is not complete without the titular Bebop ship. Similarly, the ship can never be complete without the ship’s captain Jet Black himself. It has been confirmed that Jet Black will appear in the Netflix adaptation too. The character sketch has also been kept pretty consistent between the iterations of the story. Meaning that Netflix Jet is also a calm and measured individual who used to be a cop before becoming a bounty hunter.


Spike Spiegel

Only the protagonist remains. Our focus throughout the Cowboy Bebop anime is always stuck on Spike Spiegel himself. The character is played by John Cho in the Netflix adaptation. All the quirks of the character have been kept intact as they have transitioned from anime to live-action. He still has the blue suit and his insatiable appetite for noodles. The only thing that has been changed from the anime is that Spike apparently changed his name after leaving the syndicate in the live-action version. There was no such incident in the original anime.

I suggest that you should watch the Cowboy Bebop Anime before the live-action series. That way, you’d be able to make an accurate comparison.

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