12 Actors Who Gave Spoilers of Their Own Movies

Actors Gave Spoilers of Movies:

Directors go to great lengths to prevent their movies from getting leaked. MCU even released a special message for Avengers: Endgame where they requested the audience to refrain from giving spoilers. Even though fans don’t want spoilers, deep within everyone wants to get a peek at the plot.

Christopher Nolan

The great director Christopher Nolan kept the script of Interstellar locked inside a room in his mansion which could not be accessed without the security check. Marvel Studios gave false scripts to his blabbermouth stars to prevent the plot of Endgame form leaking out. Robert Downey Jr. was the only one to get the original script. The directors taking extreme measures sounds fair and makes sense. Some actors have failed to keep their mouths shut in the past and spilled too many beans. Here is a list of 12 actors who gave spoilers of their own movies.

 1. Mark Ruffalo

Actors Gave Spoilers of Movies

Ruffalo is legit accompanied by other MCU actors to interviews due to his lack of credibility. The man just cannot be trusted. The Hulk actor keeps adding himself to the hitlist of MCU and the fans. During the screening of Thor: Ragnarok, Mark forgot to turn off his live video chat and kept it running for the first 15 minutes. And during a promotional interview for Avengers: Infinity War, he “accidentally” announced that everyone would die.

 2. Sylvester Stallone

Actors Gave Spoilers of Movies
Actors Gave Spoilers of Movies

Stallone underestimated the curiosity of the audience and went on to share a sneak peek of his work station and the script of Creed. The repercussion of his actions obviously didn’t occur to him until it was all over the internet that fans had cracked the script of Creed from Sylvester’s pic. It revealed that his character, Rocky would be diagnosed with Cancer.

 3. Gwyneth Paltrow

Tony Stark settling down for one person and becoming a father is a HUGE deal for fans, especially when his fate is uncertain while being stuck in deep space. One of the primary reasons why we were looking forward to Avengers: Endgame was to find out about Iron Man. But Gwyneth took away that crucial string by blabbering that Tony would get married to Pepper and have a daughter in Endgame.

 4. Jason Momoa

Jason Momoa has a rough start in the beginning in Hollywood but Game of Thrones and Aquaman catapulted his career to great heights. Jason is better than leaking a script because of Game of Thrones. Yet, he blurted out that he killed the father of the movie’s villain, Yahya Abdul-Mateen II in Aquaman.

 5. Harrison Ford

Actors Gave Spoilers of Movies
Actors Gave Spoilers of Movies

Harrison Ford is an iconic star of cinemas now and he owes this success to Star Wars from where he got his big break. And in return what did Harrison do for the franchise? He unceremoniously divulged that his character Han Solo would die in The Force Awakens.

 6. Tom Holland

Tom’s Peter Parker might be a protégée of RDJ’s Tony Stark but in real life, Holland seems to be walking on mark Ruffalo’s path. Both the gullible and cheerful actors can’t shut their mouths. Tom got excited during the screening of Avengers: Infinity War that he yelled on the stage “I’m alive!”, indicating that he’d die at the end of the movie. And by doing this, he earned himself fake scripts for the rest of his time with the MCU.

 7. Rachel McAdams

Rachel is a well-experienced actor who has starred in some of the greatest movies like The Notebook, Mean Girls, and Spotlight. She also appeared in The Time Traveler’s Wife and gave away the crux of the story by revealing that the protagonist traveled through time to witness his death.

 8. Hugh Jackman

Hugh’s onscreen character, Wolverine might be sullen and less chatty, but the actor is not so discreet in real life. During Logan’s promotions, Jackman got so carried with his emotions that he said “he must give his life to save someone else,… I thought that was very powerful”. Thanks, Hugh! We watched the whole film with a rock on our chest.

 9. Samuel L. Jackson

Actors Gave Spoilers of Movies
Actors Gave Spoilers of Movies

Samuel is an A-list actor in Hollywood who is familiar with the marketing procedures. He has been part of major movies like Pulp Fiction, Avengers, and the Star Wars franchise. Samuel played Mace Windu in Star Wars and revealed during an interview that his character would die in Revenge of the Sith. According to him, it wasn’t a spoiler since Mace wouldn’t have appeared in future films anyway.

 10. Will Smith

I Am Legend the King of Outbreak Movies

Will got too excited with I Am Legend and kept on rambling about the plot without realizing where to stop. The directors were then compelled to intervene and stop Will from spoiling his own movie.

 11. Michael Keaton

Actors have often spilled beans about their films without understanding the degree of damage it could do. In 1989, the iconic Michael played Batman in Tim Burton’s Batman movie. He leaked a major detail without realizing its importance. The actor shared that it was Joker who killed Batman’s parents.

 12. Patrick Stewart

Patrick was a critical part of the X-Men franchise from day 1. His death in Logan was supposed to be an intense and important part of the movie. Without realizing its significance, Patrick slipped out that Logan was a “beautiful way of saying au revoir to Charles Xavier”. Why? Why would you take the one X-Men movie that we liked from us?

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