The Budget Of Eternals and How Much Needs To Make To Be A Success

Eternals seems to be the next massive addition to the Marvel Cinematic Universe and it has some rather interesting factors for the hype. While initial reviews indicate a mixed response regarding the movie we are yet to get some proper details on it. There is a chance that these reviews might end up affecting the performance of the movie considering they came in quite early. One of the best things about the movie has to be the fact that it was supposed to be one of the biggest MCU projects. There have been previous such cases but the MCU was riding high with mostly successes and massive hits in the box office. Let’s take a look at the budget of Eternals and how much the movie needs to earn in order to be a box office success.


Marvel is surely considering Eternals to be massive in a large number of projects they have set to come out in Phase 4. Eternals will feature a massive cast of characters who will surely become essential MCU stars in the future of the franchise. This will be another one of the times Marvel uses lesser-known Marvel narratives to make a successful movie like they previously did with the Guardians of the Galaxy movies. Based on the track records we can be sure the movie won’t disappoint or deliver any less than it promised.


One of the major challenges Eternals faces is the fact that during the post-pandemic the box office numbers haven’t actually reached their usual levels. There have been major releases in the past few months and these have proven that people are indeed slowly starting to go to theatres to watch these projects. Early projections for Eternals tell that it might actually have the highest box office numbers which is actually a good thing considering the movie’s price tag.


Budget Of Eternals

The reported budget for Eternals is around $200 million and this is one of the major factors that show that this movie is definitely the price non-Avengers movies from MCU in recent times. Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings cost about $150 million to make and at the same time Spider-Man: Far From Home cost $160 million. Even Captain Marvel’s budget was in the range of $150-170 million. But other MCU solo movies like Black Panther and Black Widow cost around $200 million to be made.


How Much Does It Need To Make?

In general, a movie needs to make double the amount it required to be made in order to reach its breakeven point. This puts Eternals in the position to gross at least $400 million globally so that it can recoup its costs. The present state of the box office can actually make this an interesting opportunity for Eternals. This number has been achieved by a few of the major releases in the last few months. The projects include MCU movies like Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings, which made $423 million. While another major release No Time To Die made $606.7 million. MCU’s official entry to Phase 4, Black Widow, was only able to make $379.6 million but that was major because of the simultaneous release in the Disney+ streaming service. Thanks to Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings, Eternals won’t have to face this hurdle.


But Eternals still has a lot of issues that might affect how much the movie might end up earning. One of the primary things amongst these has to be the fact that the movie’s initial response hasn’t been very good. It has become the lowest-rated MCU movie based on the Rotten Tomatoes Score. While this might be recouped as more audiences get to watch the movie. Marvel movies have become somewhat critic-proof but still, some people might give the movie a pass for later viewing the Disney+ streaming service. Eternals will release in theatres worldwide on November 5.


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