10 Superhero Roles That are Just Perfect for Johnny Depp

Johnny Depp is known as the quintessential Dark Horse of the movie-making industry. He is one of the highest paid and one of the most controversial actors to have ever existed. Throughout his lifetime, Johnny Depp has garnered international recognition for playing eccentric characters on screen and making millions out of his innate ability to push any character, no matter how obscure or illogical, to international stardom. Can Depp do the same for the superhero genre too?? Presenting – 10 superhero roles that are just perfect for Johnny Depp!

 1. Doctor Fate

Kent Nelson is Doctor Fate, one of the strongest beings of the DC Comics Universe. Inside his nifty little tower of fate, he has mastered everything there is to know about magic and sorcery, courtesy of his helmet that allows him to become the medium for Naboo to possess him. Naboo is a Master of Order and thus Doctor Fate is literally a God of Magic. Depp cannot get a character any better than this.

 2. Namor

While the rumours about a Namor movie are already prevalent in the Marvel circles ever since DCEU’s Aquaman has caught steam, everything is found to be false about it. There is no Namor movie at the present moment. But if the MCU decides to inculcate the Anti-Hero king of the Atlantean Kingdom, Depp would be perfect for this role.

 3. Deadman

Boston Brandt was a low lying slug of a human being who never did anything productive with his life. He died a meaningless death and was supposed to be condemned to a lifetime of servitude in hell. But he was spared purgatory provided he becomes an agent of Rama-Kushna, the all-seeing Goddess of the Nanda Parbat. Boston Brandt is one of DC’s most underrated heroes. You know who else is underrated? Johnny Depp!! Perfect Match if you ask us!

 4. Beta Ray Bill

The face of the Korbinite champion has already been shown in Thor: Ragnarok. There is no doubt that he exists in the MCU. If the Thanos snap didn’t kill him, it is high time that this guy makes his mark in the superhero genre. Johnny Depp would be a good start. A bit of nifty CGI could also be of help here.

 5. Jonah Hex

Jonah Hex has appeared in live action twice. The first was in his own live-action movie featuring him which ended up as an abysmal failure. The second was in DC’s Legends of Tomorrow within the Arrowverse which somewhat redeemed his character for the fans. But there is more to Hex than meets the eye. Johnny Depp already has experience in the old west genre in the form of The Lone Ranger. It is about time he brings it to practice again.

 6. Starfox

Eros aka Starfox is an Eternal. But that is not what makes him famous. Eros, my dear friends, is the brother of Thanos the Mad Titan. Starfox is an Avenger and an honorary superhero but he has a dark past, something that the Marvel Cinematic Universe could explore in a movie or a TV Series featuring him. Enter Johnny Depp!!

 7. Etrigan, The Demon

Etrigan the Demon has had only an animated appearance in the animated universe of DC Comics. With a character that has a rich past and only speaks in rhymes, Johnny Depp could become the next big thing in the superhero section of Hollywood. He also has a knack to play crazy and insane characters. Etrigan will fit him like a glove.

 8. Doc Samson

Doc Samson used to be the psychiatrist for Bruce Banner. He was tasked with putting an end to the Hulk persona with psychiatric treatment alone. A freak accident exposed his body to deadly gamma radiation emanating from the Hulk that would soon change the former’s own physiology. Doc Samson gained the superhuman physical attributes of Strength, Speed and durability along with green hair. But don’t worry he is one of the good guys.

 9. The Question

The Question might look like an easy character to play but trust us, it is the hardest. The Question has a big fanbase and requires someone that could do justice to that role. The character takes investigative journalism to its farthest extremes by venturing into vigilantism. If there is anyone who can satiate the Question fan base, it is Depp himself.

 10. Moon Knight     

10 Superhero Roles That are Just Perfect for Johnny Depp

The half-crazy guy who was supposedly just a copy of the Batman but has somehow managed to become immensely popular in recent years. As an Avatar of the Egyptian Moon God, Khonshu, Moon Knight is a superhero that lives by the code of violent justice and believes in social extremism. Moon Knight is one character that will sound risky to be played by anyone. But if Johnny Depp could pull Jack Sparrow with ease, this will be a cakewalk from him.

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