Avengers: Infinity War – (Spoiler) Was The Weakest Link In The Movie And You Will Agree

Avenger: Infinity War is finally out and the wait for the movie of the decade is over! Well, seeing Infinity War, people would be wanting to see Avengers 4 even more desperately as Infinity War left us in the most suspense building, Game of Thrones level Cliffhanger. This was a total masterpiece by Anthony and Joe Russo, and the way they handled all the aspects and characters coming into this movie was just tremendous.

There is no doubt about the movie being absolutely amazing, but as the infamous phrase says, “Nothing is perfect”. The Russo Brothers handled this movie really well. Every aspect they put into play, every character, every scene, and every big plot point, every surprise cameo, and all the action sequences were accepted by the fans with open arms. But still, every area could not have been satisfied in this movie since it was such a huge event having almost 70 big characters appearing in the movie.

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Even though the movie pleased fans in the greatest way possible, there were still some disappointing moments in the movie because thinking about the movie, fans went with certain expectations which may or may not have been fulfilled due to the direction this movie took. It was a movie of 4 characters in total, and rest all the characters felt like side characters. While most of the characters got to shine in this movie, some characters still felt a little off and everyone felt that they were let off too week and not done justice with.

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So, the weakest link in the movie at the part of the characters was without a doubt the Black Order! Everyone would agree on this. They started really big when the movie began, but soon their worth was brought down as the movie progressed. The movie begins on Thor’s ship, where Thanos has already decimated half of the ship along with the people on it, and the Black Order would also have helped, but we did not see that happen. Then comes in the Hulk who lands lethal blows upon Thanos, but the Mad Titan shows him really soon that Who’s the boss!

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Amidst all this, Ebony Maw’s powers and brains were teased a bit while the other three children stood there and watched them play. Then came the real deal where Thanos sent his children to Earth in order to retrieve the two Infinity Stones. The team muscle, Cull Obsidian and the Talker, Ebony Maw went to New York where the Time Stone was (in the possession of Doctor Strange).

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The two wreaked havoc on New York as this was the second time New York was facing an extra-terrestrial attack. Till that time, Tony and Bruce had reunited, and the team of Magic had science had formed. Hulk took the bench along with Wong as they were backing up Doctor Strange and Iron Man. Iron Man fought the huge Cull Obsidian and the fight was pretty even-steven as he had help from the friendly neighborhood guy Spider-Man.

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Doctor Strange, on the other hand, fought Ebony Maw, the strongest member of the Black Order, and even with the Cloak of Levitation and really strong Mystic Arts, Strange was not able to take Maw alone, and this resulted in him getting kidnapped. While Tony had managed to outsmart Obsidian with the help of Wong. From here on, everything went Down-hill for the Black Order and we got the feeling that the Black Order was the expendable Villains of the movie while Thanos was the real Big Bad they were building.

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Proxima Midnight and Corvus Glaive showed up at Scotland to take the stone from Vision, but they were unsuccessful and had to fall back because they were not able to take Black Widow, Cap, and Falcon! Widow almost pinned Proxima Midnight, a being who has fought and defeated the Hulk in the comics. This was crazy! The Russos surely had to power down the Black Order to make the fights happen and that is what pisses most fans.

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Next up, Ebony Maw was alone on the Donut ship torturing the Doctor Strange to retrieve the Time Stone. But, as Tony and Peter had followed the ship into space, they were able to save Strange, and this caused the very embarrassing death of the strongest member of the Black Order.

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Then, the other three members showed up in the battle of Wakanda, and they were of absolutely no help to the fight as they were taken down by the Avengers without actually giving the Avengers much competition. The four of these were surely the weakest and the most expendable Villains as they did not help the plot much, and only Ebony Maw got a bit to do with this movie.

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Infinity War Weakest Link

With all the dead Avengers coming back, fans do wish that we may get to see these guys, or at least Ebony Maw return so that he can be done justice with. Avengers: Infinity War is currently playing in the theatres. Go check it out.

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