5 Pairs Of Actors Who Hated Filming With Each Other

Temperaments are soaring in the show business and quite often, things get pretty heated between actors on set. Although many of them figure out a way to work together, there are many actors who walked off the set and never came back. Some ended up forcing editors to get creative on how to finish a project without having them have to shoot with their despised costars. Let’s take a look at the pair of actors who hated filming each other.

1) Charlie Sheen and Selma Blair – Anger Management


The actors played love interests in Sheen’s new sitcom. But things took a turn pretty quickly and Sheen reportedly fired her through text using the word “c*nt.” They reportedly fell out because the actress questioned his work ethic. Sheen, however, came up with a different reason why she was written off. He stated, “One of our primary characters, Selma Blair, who played Kate, was written out because the show was not about our relationship, and the problem was too many people were still excited about the Two and a Half Men character and thought the Anger Management character was a little dull.”

2) Dwayne Johnson and Vin Diesel – The Fate of the Furious

Actors who hated filming each other


The two stars had their feud become public while shooting The Fate of the Furious. It all started when Johnson posted a video on Instagram to celebrate his last week of shooting the movie. In the caption, he was pretty open about there being drama on set with his male co-stars. He said “My male co-stars however are a different story. Some conduct themselves as stand-up men and true professionals, while others don’t. The ones that don’t are too chicken shit to do anything about it anyway. Candy a**es. When you watch this movie next April and it seems like I’m not acting in some of these scenes and my blood is legit boiling – you’re right.” In the movie, the actors noticeably don’t have a scene together unlike in previous movies. Instead, there is a scene where their characters communicate over the phone and that’s pretty much it. This only fueled the rumors that the two actors really hate each other and making them one of the pairs of actors who hated filming each other.

3) Will Smith and Janet Hubert – The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air


The show started out with Janet Hubert playing Aunt Viv. She was replaced by Daphne Maxwell Reid after Season 3. The reason why wasn’t hidden. She didn’t get along with Will Smith and their feud continues to this day. After the news of Hubert leaving was released, Smith explained why on a radio station. He said “I can say straight up that Janet Hubert wanted the show to be The Aunt Viv of Bel-Air Show because I know she is going to dog me in the press. She has basically gone from a quarter of a million dollars a year to nothing. She’s mad now but she’s been mad all along. She said once, I’ve been in the business for 10 years and this snotty-nosed punk comes along and gets a show.’ No matter what, to her, I’m just the Antichrist.”

4) Shia La Beouf and Alec Baldwin – Orphans


The two actors weren’t getting along while working on the play together. Alec Baldwin claimed Shia LaBeouf was angry because it was taking him longer to catch up with his lines. Baldwin told director Dan Sullivan that one of them had to go and they picked LaBeouf. “He was shocked,” said Baldwin. “He had that card, that card you get when you make films that make a lot of money that gives you a certain kind of entitlement. I think he was surprised that it didn’t work in the theater.”

5) Emma Watson and Channing Tatum – This Is the End


The two actors had small parts in the comedy. Originally, they were to film one scene where Channing Tatum was only in a thong and was supposed to dance. But when he got close to Emma Watson, she reportedly stormed out! The movie now has them in completely different scenes separately. “During the scene, Channing decided to do some of his breakdancing in front of her but alas he was in nothing but a thong,” an extra wrote on Tumblr according to Pop Focal. “So Emma storms offset. Everyone’s like WTF where is she going? She walks all the way down the street. So we wrapped the night 5 minutes later.”

Some of the fights got ugly, Did you know that these were the pairs of actors who hated filming each other? Let us know what do you think about them in the comments below.

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