10 MCU Characters That Could Return In Captain America 4

With a new Captain America, the legacy of Steve Rogers continues. After playing the role of Captain America in the MCU for more than a decade, Steve Rogers passed the mantle to Anthony Mackie’s Sam Wilson. Sam, who was reluctant at first, finally accepted the title and mantle of Captain America. His journey to being the first black Captain America (no Isaiah Bradley wasn’t Cap in the MCU) was perfectly showcased in the Disney+ series The Falcon and The Winter Soldier. And now that Anthony Mackie has officially signed up for Captain America 4, we’re going to look at the characters that could return in Captain America 4.

The series featured Sam Wilson and James ‘Bucky’ Barnes working together to stop Karli and the Flag Smashers from interrupting the GRC meeting. The show came out to be a huge hit among fans and critics alike. To add to the fans’ excitement, Marvel Studios announced a Captain America 4 as soon as the show ended. Since no further information was given out, we assume that it will continue after the events of the Disney+ show. The film is currently in pre-production. The director of the series, Malcolm Spellman is tasked with the script for the movie with writer Dalan Musson.

The movie is going to revolve around the new Captain America, Sam Wilson, and his partner Sgt. James ‘Bucky’ Barnes. The series brought back many MCU characters from the past and introduced a couple of new ones. Naturally, the fans will love to see these characters in the upcoming movie. But no cast member other than Anthony Mackie has been officially announced as of yet. Unfortunately, Chris Evans’ return as Steve Rogers is almost impossible. Although it might be left as a surprise. But here are the characters that still might be back for the movie:


Bucky has come a long way since World War II. He lost his arm, his freedom, his life, and then 5 years later, just as he came back to life, he lost his best friend. Bucky has been in all Captain America movies and it’s hard to imagine one without him. Since Civil War, Bucky and Sam didn’t see each other eye-to-eye due to both being alpha males. But after the events of The Falcon And The Winter Soldier, they finally became friends. Moreover, Bucky stood by Sam all through the show because his best friend chose Sam as his successor. So, we hope that we still see him support him and fight beside him in the upcoming movie.


The post-credit scene of the last episode of the show revealed Sharon Carter being pardoned for her role in Captain America: Civil War. Although many fans saw it coming, Sharon Carter was also revealed to be the infamous Power Broker. And with her job back, she is going to have unlimited access to the SWORD technology. Adding to her power, she is an old friend of Sam Wilson and can even operate under his shadow without raising any suspicions. Fans would love to see what more MCU has kept for the character’s future.


Characters that could return in Captain America 4

Marvel finally introduced the first black super soldier from the comics in the show. He became a fan-favorite with his origin story and fans will be excited to see him again. Although he is not that great in combat as he used to be, he proved to be a wise man who helped Sam Wilson on more than one occasion. Now as Sam Wilson sets out to be an international figure facing various challenges along the way, it just seems natural that he turns back to Isaiah for advice. After the release of Black Widow, many fans even suggest that Red Guardian actually fought Isaiah Bradley and not Captain America, although it seems like a stretch.


Another character introduced in the series was Eli Bradley, grandson of Isaiah. According to the comics, he is a member of the Young Avengers and his powers included seed and agility better than an Olympic medalist. Although Young Avengers haven’t been teased by the Marvel studios officially. But with Hawkeye coming soon, we might see the first official member of the Young Avengers. Eli Bradley got his powers from Mutant Growth Hormone pills and took on the title of Patriot. These pills might also be the shoutout to the existence of mutants in the MCU.


Zemo became a worldwide sensation in The Falcon And The Winter Soldier by showing off his dance movies in Madripoor. He has been a beloved villain in the MCU and played an anti-hero in the Disney+ series but fans still want more. Even a short scene of Zemo will be enough for his fanatics to go crazy. The series ended with Zemo’s chauffeur killing off four flag smashers while Zemo was locked up in the Raft. This precedent might be enough for his return. Or he might be still keeping up some information from Sam, making his return inevitable.


Most Powerful MCU Avengers

There is a lot in common between Sam Wilson and James Rhoades (War Machine). They both are army veterans who lost their best friends in the recent past. Plus, The Falcon And The Winter Soldier teased their friendship. MCU enthusiasts would love it if the creators explore the friendship between these two characters. An upcoming project Armor Wars starring Don Cheadle might even set him up in the next installment of Captain America.


Characters that could return in Captain America 4

A Captain America needs his Falcon. The Disny+ show finale teased Danny Ramirez as the next Falcon. He was seen fixing the old Falcon gear that Sam gave him. Torres is a member of the Air Force just like Sam and even accompanied him to various missions. He has been a fan favorite and fans would love to see him as the Falcon to Sam’s Captain America in the upcoming movie.


Valentina introduced herself in the MCU in the Disney+ The Falcon And The Winter Soldier. She was recruiting John Walker in a secret program which is quite a mystery among the MCU fans. She reappeared in the post-credits scene of Black Widow¬†where she ordered Yelena Bulova to assassinate Clint Barton. This implies that Yelena, too, is a member of her team. Since her team mainly comprises anti-heroes or ex-criminals, Captain America’s involvement seems necessary. She might be seen regularly in the upcoming MCU projects including Captain America 4.


Being one of only 2 people with super-soldier serum running through their veins, John Walker’s appearance in the movie seems understandable. Plus, his direct connections with the Contessa makes his return inevitable. He tried to live up to the legacy of Captain America but failed epically. Since then, he became a member of Valentina’s secret team to use his powers for good under the title of U.S. Agent. This film could follow his journey as he redeems himself.


The Falcon And The Winter Soldier did a great job in depicting the personal life of an Avenger. Sarah is the sister of Sam Wilson and plays a huge role in his life. Adepero Oduye could return for Captain America 4 to reprise the role of Sarah for a scene or two. This might also let us know whether anything happened between Sarah and Bucky.

These are the MCU characters that could return in Captain America 4. Do you think any more characters could be appearing in the film? Do let us know in the comments.

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