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New What If…? Footage Reveals That Steve Rogers is the New Iron Man

Marvel Cinematic Universe has continued to grow slowly but steadily over the past decade. The showrunners at Marvel Studios have shown their prowess as they have begun to create visual and literary masterpieces. The franchise started from movies but has now diversified into other media. We have MCU TV shows, MCU movies, tie-in comics, and much more. Now the franchise has decided to include 3D animation to its roster with the What If…? show. The show is gaining a lot of hype, and now it is seen in the new footage that Steve Rogers is the New Iron Man.


What If…? is an old comic concept that is often used by writers. The purpose of the trope is to explore alternative versions of classic characters with either small or radical changes. Writers have an idea and they take a lot of liberty with the source material, but none of it matters because none of it is usually canon. They do whatever they want and we get amazing stories out of it. A very good example of this is the “Red Son” comic.

This particular iteration of the What If…? trope by Marvel is supposed to be a weird take on the MCU. It comes during a time when things are starting to stagnate and the creative heads want to push new life into the franchise. What better way to do it than introduce a multiverse to the audience. The idea is very simple and it seems Marvel is nailing the execution. The two new trailers we have received for the series seem to indicate that we will be exploring a set of stories rather than just one while the watcher acts as our guide.

The Featurette

The new trailer for What IF…? makes a lot of callbacks to the old trailer, but it also gives us new information. For example, we get a brief glimpse of Captain Carter and Bucky engaging in combat before Steve Rogers arrives in an iron man suit. The scenes are very interesting and the animation seems on point. Marvel may have only dipped their toes in the animation genre but the positive reception by fans will surely motivate them to do more such shows in the future.

Let’s talk about the new stuff now. One of the most interesting stills in the trailer, one that is very well hidden, is the death of  Iron Man. At least we believe in the death because why else would Steve be piloting the iron man suit. Howard wanted to leave the technology for his son and the mere existence of it on the battlefield implies something sinister. The animated version of the old iron man war suit seems quite proficient since it can take down tanks in an instant. We just hope that the story is as cool as the action once the series does come out.

Another new bit in the trailer and/or snippet is the re-iteration of Nick Guru’s big week in the MCU. We have been contemplating killing off Iron Man in different ways. But that is what we do, as we are theorists. However, it seems that the writers have taken the idea to heart and have introduced a storyline dedicated to this in the new What If…? series. During the new trailer, we are graced with the above screenshot where iron man seems dead and Nick Fury is staring at his body in disbelief.

The Breakdown

What If…? is getting more interesting with every new trailer that comes out. The show will start streaming on August 11 on Disney+. We have some of the possible timelines locked down. One being the ravager T’Challa which has brought a lot of praise for the character. We do love us some callback to Chadwick Boseman. To see Black Panther turn into Star-Lord would be an interesting sight, considering how different their personalities are. A ravager never flies solo.

Another thing to cover is the impeccable attention to detail in the alternate universes. it seems that the What If…? versions exist in close proximity to our own Universe but they only slightly differ at one point. This slight difference is accentuated by the flow of time and we end up with wildly different realities. We cannot wait to see what the writers have brewed up for us. Can you? Let us know in the comments below and keep watching this space for everything marvel. Who knows, we may be gone tomorrow onto a different universe tomorrow.

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