Marvel Introduces The Most Saddest Variant Of Captain America

Marvel has introduced a new variant of Captain America in their latest comic book, Avengers Forever #14, and this version of Steve Rogers is possibly the saddest yet. In this multiverse, there are countless versions of Captain America, and some are less fortunate than others. The Steve Rogers in question has nobody in his life, making him a man completely alone in the world. Written by Jason Aaron, Jim Towe, Frank Martin, Chris Sotomayor & Morry Hollowell, the story continues the five-year narrative of the Avengers in the heart of the Multiverse.

Multiple Avengers from different universes come together to fight against Mephisto and his Council of Red, an army of demons who seek to gain power over the God Quarry, the space between universes. Steve Rogers is the only one left to fight off the horde of enemies, armed with a variant of Thor’s hammer, but he is quickly defeated. To make matters worse, as Steve lies dying in another Steve’s arms, he begs the latter to deliver a letter he wrote before the battle. The letter is addressed to “To Whom it May Concern” – a sign that this Steve Rogers had never met any of his allies in his universe.


He never had the chance to meet his friends, including Bucky Barnes, Peggy Carter, or any of his fellow Avengers. Steve Rogers has always been a man out of time, but this variant is completely and utterly alone. Captain America has always been deeply affected by the loss of his friends, and this is true of this version of Steve Rogers as well. Although not much is known about his early life, readers are aware that he grew up poor, born to Irish immigrants with few friends or family in the city. This led him to value every person in his life, both civilian and military, and he struggles with loss more than other superheroes.


This is true for the 616 Captain America, and it seems to be true for all versions of Steve Rogers in this story, as they all possess similar backgrounds and moral centers. They are all capable of lifting Mjolnir, Thor’s hammer. Sadly, this particular Steve Rogers is not mourned by his fellow Avengers, as there is simply no time when all of existence is at risk. However, after Mephisto and Doctor Doom are defeated, the Avengers would do well to remember their fallen comrade.


Not everyone has had the same experiences as Captain America, but all versions of Steve Rogers are worthy in their own way. Overall, this new variant of Captain America is a poignant reminder of the importance of connections in our lives. Steve Rogers has always been a symbol of hope and resilience, but this version serves as a reminder that even the strongest among us can be brought down by loneliness and isolation. It is a powerful message that will resonate with readers and fans alike.

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