10 Most Horrible Things That Joker Has Done To Harley Quinn

Contradictory to what the world believes the Joker and Harley’s relationship to be, it actually is a very abusive relationship, where Harley Quinn is completely obsessed by Joker whereas she is nothing but a punching bag for him to relieve his stress. Here is a list of some of the horrendous acts that the Joker has done to or on Harley:

Choked Her With Chains

Joker doesn’t like the confident Harley, not on bit. She is someone who he wants all for himself. When she becomes a bit confident in  Suicide Squad issue 14, he gets to her, says, ““Is there something on your face, Harley? There it is. Here, let me get it off.”  the next second, smack.“Got it! I think it was a small touch of hubris.”  What a dick, the dude is.

Still, he hasn’t been done with her. After that when he asks Harley is she is having some secrets to herself, she later tells that yes she is. After that, he hoists her up like an anchor, with a metal chain around her neck. Saying, “Then why don’t you hang out and tell me a few, Harley?!”

Almost Sliced Her Face Off

“There’s just one thing missing,” says the Joker. “That pretty face of yours…it spoils the reflection. I’m afraid it’s going to have to go. Turning the scene into a more biblical one, he says, ““I pulled the pieces of you from my ribcage…you are my creation, and if you want to serve me, I need you to be perfect.”

The Joker always tell a story of how he got the scars, he wanted the same for Harley Quinn and more, so he went ahead and ripped her skin apart off her face. Only a crazy loon like Joker could do this to a woman.

Threw Her With Many More Dead Harleys

Joker wants Harley to be exclusively for her. we all know that he is not good when it comes to sharing. Joker is someone who would do anything to have his terrible laugh, one thing that he does is, he gets a lot of people, kills them and makes them wear Harley’s iconic Red and Black costume.

What happens next is that he shackles Harley in a black dungeon, where ll of their corpses are lying. He says to her, do you think you were the last? While all this just to show her that he doesn’t need her, when actually he does. Joker is the most psychotic boyfriend imaginable and he is willing to go to extreme lengths to prove that.

Didn’t Know She Was Pregnant

In Injustice: Gods Among Us, when Harley is fighting Black Canary, she stops as canary pukes. Harley comes to know that she’s pregnant and discusses with her, about her own story.

As she was pregnant, she went to live with her sister for a year. Joker, ever so negligent about her didn’t even come to know that she had left and when she returned was just the same to her as he had always been. He objectified her and used to for his evil games, instead of genuinely be there for her.

Sent Her Into A Rocket

Okay, this one is pure paranoia and skepticism of the mad clown prince of Gotham. This dude here, when started to develop some feelings for his love, Harley started having second thoughts if he could still be evil if he fell in love with her completely.

Thinking that loving her would be a bad decision and he needs to stay away from her, he sends her a bit too far. He throws her inside an inbound rocket that is about to take off, and boom!! up goes Harley. What’s good for her is that she manages to take control of the ship and jumps out of it before dying.

Threw Harley Quinn Into Chemicals

In the New 52, Harley’s origin story changed, here too she fell in love with Joker and wanted to work with him, but in order to check her commitment, the Joker threw her into the same chemical plant in which he fell, resulting her in having a pale complexion and bleached hair.

In the movie Suicide Squad, he threw her into a pool of crazy substances and he took a plunge too. You never know what Joker might do next as he himself does not know it.

Pushed Her Out Of A Window

In the Batman animated series, there is an episode where Harley Quinn manages to almost execute a plan to kill Batman; Joker doesn’t like this, not one bit. He attacks her, Harley then defends herself with a swordfish, which Joker uses as a claw to push her out of a window.

Harley Quinn despite being tortured, manipulated and hurt by the actions of Joker, she remained a loyal girlfriend for the most part to an evil mastermind who was totally out of his mind.

Tortures Her For Being Too Independent

After the Joker died early on in the New 52, Harley joined the Suicide squad, found a new life, a new lover and for the first time was independent. This made the Joker very furious, he says to her that she needs a “Refresher Course”, he tortured her, beat her, cut her and hung her almost to death.

To say that Joker had the Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD) for Harley would be an understatement. He can’t let anyone touch her, hurt her, play with her but he would himself do it all the time.

He Threw Her To Hyenas

In the series ‘Mad Love’ all of Harley’s advances are responded to either with physical or verbal abuse. While most men would love their spouses coming to them in sexy lingerie, this dude here has some weirder taste.

He not just denies to do anything with her, because he is planning another of his sinister crimes, but actually throws her viciously to the Hyenas. Talk about being rejected in a bad way.

He Made Her Fall In Love With Him

harley quinn

Joker, though crazy is really sharp, he in the asylum made the psychiatrist fall in love with him, by creating curiosity after telling a false story of his abusive father, making her think about her boring life and how he’ll be able to make her laugh again.

He makes her feel that he be there for her, someone who she had always wanted, doing all this and indirectly making her dependent on him forever. He would psychologically manipulate her mind, twist her emotions, influence her feelings only to torture her later on.

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