3 More Villains You Might Have Missed in No Way Home

Spider-Man: No Way Home might be the Spider-Man film that we have gotten based on a vast variety of reasons. One of the major rumors around the movie was that it will see the villain group Sinister Six team-up. While this may have not come true, the movie saw the return of some of the most interesting villains we had seen in the past Spider-Man projects. There was a chance for more characters to appear in the movie but that did not happen considering that would have affected the plot of the movie itself. But even then there were villains who were teased for a possible appearance in the movie. Let’s take a look at 3 other villains you might have missed in No Way Home besides the fatal five.

Villains in No Way Home

One of the most exciting moments from No Way Home was definitely when we got to see the past villains appear in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. This allowed us to get another chance to look at the villains that were some of the most exciting things about the past Spider-Man films too. This included the likes of Alfred Molina’s Doc Ock, Willem Dafoe’s Green Goblin, and Jamie Foxx’s Electro amongst other villains. There was a lot more difficulty for Spider-Man this time around but he had help from the other Spider-Men too.


The movie follows as Peter Parker’s requests end up botching the spell that Doctor Strange was attempting to do in order to make people forget about Spider-Man’s secret identity. This results in characters from the multiverse start appearing who actually know that Peter Parker is Spider-Man. While the other villains are left confused as to what is happening Green Goblin actually uses this for his benefit and looks at the endless possibilities that this proves to be. The final battle sees all the villains being given a chance to get rid of their errors when they are redeemed by the Spider-Men. While these might have been the villains featured heavily in the movie, there are other villains who were also teased in one of the scenes from the movie.


Villains you might have missed in No Way Home

Around the end of the movie, we see that Green Goblin manages to destroy the mystical cube that was keeping the multiverse at bay. This results in blowing up the multiverse and we get to witness a lot of characters slowly seeping in through these cracks into the MCU. Even though Doctor Strange manages to shut this crack, we do get to witness some rather interesting villains making their way to the MCU. Let’s take a look at all the villains who appeared as silhouette outlines when the multiverse blew open in No Way Home according to the fans.



One of the clearest amongst the silhouettes was the character of Rhino who was seen in The Amazing Spider-Man 2. Fans were actually theorizing that this character would be the sixth villain to appear in the movie, thus forming the Sinister Six. The character was easily identified with the horn which is a part of his costume and this actually proved to be a worthy nod. Andrew Garfield’s Spider-Man even mentions that he had to fight with this Spider-Man during a talk with the other Spider-Men.


Kraven the Hunter

Villains you might have missed in No Way Home

This might be a clear reference to the future villains we might get to see in the future of the franchise. Some of the fans seem to suggest that they got to see a certain silhouette that resembled Kraven the Hunter. We are already supposed to get a project featuring Kraven the Hunter with the upcoming movie being part of the Sony universe of Spider-Man villains. We might actually get to see him face-off against Tom Holland’s Spider-Man now that we know that we will see another trilogy of Spider-Man movies under the collaboration of Sony and Marvel Studios.



Villains you might have missed in No Way Home

Other keen-eyed fans seem to have noticed that Scorpio was also amongst the villains who were entering the MCU. This might also be an indication of the future villains of Spider-Man we might get to witness soon. Scorpion was been teased in the MCU in Spider-Man: Homecoming as the character of Mac Gargan being interested in getting his revenge on Spider-Man. Other characters who were also hinted at in the movie included Black Cat and even What If…?‘s The Watcher.

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