The Flash: Legendary WWE Superstar All Set To Play A Major Villain

The Flash has had all sorts of Easter Eggs that has left the fans running for cover. It has teased several guest appearances that made the fans stay at the edge of their seats. With Season 4 ratings going stronger than ever (despite the tremendous amount of hate *wink wink*), the Flash is about to blow your minds to smithereens with another well-known wrestler being added to the guest appearance roster of the Arrowverse show. The CW knows what it’s doing. For the Villain, this wrestler is about to portray almost fits like a glove for the WWE Star.


You thought Mark Hamill was the best they could do? Well think again. The hero of the Galaxy from the Star Wars franchise is not the only one fans have been longing for to appear in the upcoming episodes of Season 4 of The Flash. Another famous celebrity is about to join the fray. You may know him as one of the most celebrated wrestlers of the World Wrestling Entertainment. He has also had some acting experience in some movies where he managed to outshine his peers with his acting chops and great physique and on screen presence. Universal Soldier and The Longest Yard are only a few milestones in his acting career. He is about to add one more.

Goldberg is all set to appear in the upcoming Episode of The Flash.

Although the announcement that Goldberg has been signed for playing a role in a two-part arc against Barry Allen in Season 4, it still eluded the fans as to what role exactly will be Goldberg playing. But with the first episode starring him finally airing, we now know exactly which DC Character will Goldberg be portraying on screen. Goldberg makes his official debut in the Arrowverse as Big Sir in the latest The Flash episode.

Big Sir is not exactly the best of Flash Villains. Neither is he the brightest. But his abilities have been proved to be a hindrance for the scarlet speedster on more than one occasion. Termed as ‘The Most Dangerous Man Alive’, the guy who came to be known as Big Sir was born with a medical condition. His abnormal glandular activity gave him a hulking size and overwhelming strength at the cost of higher brain functions.

Big Sir’s cognitive abilities are the same as a child’s but his strength rivals that of a bulldozer. The Rogues, a team of Flash supervillains, kidnap Big Sir from a mental hospital he is awaiting treatment in and hand him over to the Anti-Monitor (of Crisis on Infinite Earths fame). The Anti-Monitor provides him with a high tech suit of armor to fight the flash and then, Big Sir is finally born.

Big Sir already had a role in the classic DC Storyline The Trial of the Flash. So it makes sense to include him in the TV Show. But Big Sir also used to be a part of the Justice League International. He and a group of other reformed supervillains were the members of Justice League Antarctica. Big Sir also became a part of the next iteration of Suicide Squad which was kind of a really bad experience for both him and the team.

Big Sir’s original name in the comic books is Dufus P. Ratchett. It is highly unlikely that the show will explore any of Big Sir’s backstory or even his real name for that matter. He still will play a pretty important character in the TV Series. The writer’s did not just bring anyone for the role. They brought the freaking Goldberg to play him. Suffice it to say they must have big plans for him.

The official synopsis for the latest The Flash episode ’The Elongated Man Rises’ reads:

When a familiar villain returns to terrorize Central City, Ralph (guest star Hartley Sawyer) must rise up to defend the innocent while Barry (Grant Gustin) is detained by his trial. Meanwhile, Barry searches for the strength to keep his optimism alive in the face of his new circumstances.


Are you excited by Goldberg’s Big Sir? Why is he here? Is Goldberg playing a good guy or will he be just plain evil in the show? Watch the Episode and find out!

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