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    10 Lesser Known Facts About King of Controversies: Charlie Sheen

    Facts About Charlie Sheen: Charlie Sheen has always been controversy’s favorite child. He has lived the most lavish life as he has done all of those things which we can only dream. From a rising-superstar to a drug addict, his journey has been full of ups and downs and he is undoubtedly the most controversial man on the planet. #1:…

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  • 3 Breath-Taking Celebrities Who Have Ruined Their Own Careers

    Everyone wishes to be a celebrity. I mean, who doesn’t like the attention that the celebrities get? This spotlight is something for which everyone is trying their hardest. Just think about it, even in our day to day life, we wish for recognition, and appreciation. Everyone is after this spotlight. Obviously, once you are a celebrity, you can buy almost…

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