5 Superheroes Who Could Beat Superman Without Kryptonite

Superman has made his name as being a force of nature that is rarely beaten by anyone until they whip out some Kryptonite.Many cry foul for this reason, so we have listed five superheroes who could still beat him without Kryptonite as a backup.

The Spectre:



The Spectre is an entity who Superman would have a hard time-fighting. For one thing, Spectre is a former angel known as Aztar who uses bodies of dead people as host to punish the wicked.  He is also omnipotent who can channel the energy of a thousand universes. He has fought Spectre before and could not defeat him, so another round does not seem like the best option for the hero.

Dark Phoenix:


As Jean Grey, Superman may have the upper hand at beating Miss Grey as he can use the Kryptonian mental martial art of Torquasm Vo to fight her telepathic and telekinetic powers. But as Dark Phoenix, the big guy may need to run from the hills. If Phoenix wields her powers to its full potential, there is little in the universe that can stop her. When she wields her energy as Dark Phoenix, even Superman may end up being pieces of the atom that have been broken into tiny pieces.



shazam__by_xionice-d7xyxxz kryptonite

Shazam is literally another version of Superman but with magic powers. The Man Of Steel may have the immense strength and speed but he too is not immune to magical powers. Shazam has also been known to be a bit more powerful in speed and strength than Superman so the hero already suffered strategically. Shazam has also sucker punched Superman in a previous fight, knocking the hero out cold. A feat that few could boast about.

Martian Manhunter:

martian-manhunter-alien-original-form superman

Martian Manhunter is the Earth’s answer to Superman. The hero possesses psychic, telepathic, telekinetic and any other mental power you can think of, and also has the abilities to shapeshift, regenerate and phase through anything. Superman may have a slight edge to manhunter, as the hero can eliminate fire from his eyes- a fear that Martian has. He has also called him, “the most powerful being on the face of the Earth.”So it seems like superman is more than intimidated with this Justice League member.



Odin is the Norse God who channels all his powers from the energies of the Odin Force. As the force is of an otherworldly nature, Odin has been able to defeat Galactus, Thanos, and Silver Surfer (the last two at the same time!). He has also destroyed galaxies, built galaxies, destroyed them again. So Superman may have to have some strategical tactics in beating Odin which is highly unlikely at any point in time).

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