4 Ways To Look Put Together For That 8:45 AM Class

[tps_header]How often does it happen that you have a class early in the morning, but because you were up till 2 pm the previous night finishing that report (or binge-watching True Detective) you barely have time to roll out of bed and groggily sleepwalk to class, wearing whatever you can lay your hands on? If you’re anything like me, far too often.  If you’re wondering how some girls manage to look impeccably put together all the time, your musing ends here. Here are  four fail-safe tips to looking polished with minimal effort.[/tps_header]

[tps_title]Plan your outfit a week in advance[/tps_title]


I know, I know – this sounds scary, high-maintenance and totally overkill – but hear me out. This simply means putting aside potential outfit combinations on Sunday nights. You don’t have to come up with seven different weather appropriate outfits, just lay out certain articles of clothing you may want to wear in the coming week, like maybe that pair of jeans you haven’t washed yet, and one or two tops. Just this much shaves off  lot of time from your daily routine. Create as many outfits as you can when the inspiration strikes, and then mix and match. You’ll realize that having fewer pieces to work with makes you more creative and minimizes the “I have nothing to wear” dilemna.

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