5 Superheroes Who Broke Their Own Code

A lot of superheroes have some code, some set of principles that they live by, that’s what makes them super. Here is a list of some superheroes that broke their code and did what they said they would never do:

Batman Kills

Batman has one rule, that he doesn’t kill but the dude has broken this rule more times than we can count. In one arc a sociopath Batman kills a lot of goons, what’s the worst part of this kill is that he kills these criminals by brutally burning them alive, completely going against his code. But that’s not the end of it, after this, he has sex with the Black Canary just a few meters away from the burning and screaming men. Talk about having no control.

The Flash Never Running Back In Time

This has to be the biggest blunder of all that Flash has ever made. This was nothing but a young Barry Allen, feeling lonely one evening missing his mother, so he goes back in time, prevents her murder from happening which sends ripples across the timeline creating major changes. Changes like Bruce dying and his father becoming Batman, an all out war of the Amazons and the Atlanteans resulting in a global crisis.

Wolverine Killed His Own Son

Well, this one isn’t actually a steadfast rule of Wolverine, but something that no one actually expects a parent to do. Wolverine is famous for banging a lot of women and hence having a lot of kids, amongst all his kids, one was Daken. Who had the same powers as that of poor old Logan, alas he was a villain. In one such event where he is headstrong about killing all the X-Men Wolverine has no other option to stop Daken other than killing him. He crying, kills his own kid.

Punisher Kills Everyone

Punisher sure has no limit when it comes to violence. The anti-hero can often be seen torturing villains, criminals and blowing people’s brains out on streets in the most merciless way possible. If there is one thing that the Punisher doesn’t do, that’s killing innocents. But in a certain turn of events the Punisher actually goes on to kill almost everyone that he finds in the Marvel universe. He kills many superheroes as he believes it is because of them that his family died.



Like Batman, DD also has a no kill rule, he even didn’t kill his arch nemesis Bullseye, who even killed his two lovers, Karen Page as well as Elektra until one day when he again is on a rampage and DD is forced to kill him in the exact same fashion that he killed Elektra.

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