Tollywood Movies Copied From Hollywood

Tollywood Movies Copied From Hollywood:

Tollywood is the world’s third largest industry in the world. It is the second largest industry in our country. Not only it produces some really amazing Telegu films, but also it has many hard working and determined individuals. But there are some Telegu movies which are exactly similar to Hollywood movies. Below mentioned is a list of Telegu movies which are copied from Hollywood movies.

Tollywood Movies Copied From Hollywood

So, before watching any of these Tollywood movies, make sure that you don’t watch the similar Hollywood movie, it will ruin your experience.

Tollywood Movies Hollywood Movies    
Maa Nanna Chiranjeevi Pursuit of Happiness  
Aatma Balam The Reincarnation of Peter Proud
Action 3D   Hangover      
Ahana Pellanta (Allari Naresh) Marrying the Mafia    
Amaravathi Silence of the Lambs  
Andaru Dongale Dorikithe Excess Baggage    
Anjali   Son-Rise: A Miracle of Love  
ANJI   Indiana Jones and The Last Crusade
Anthapuram Not Without My Daughter  
Apoorva Sahodarulu Corsican Brothers    
Arunachalam Brewster’s Millions    
Bachelors (2000) 100 Girls      
Bhairava Dweepam Conan the Barbarian (1982)  
Bhamane Satyabhamane Mrs. Doubtfire    
Bharateeyudu Falling Down    
Chandralekha While you were Sleeping  
Chiru Navvutho Life is Beautiful (1997)  
Chirutha   Swept Away    
Criminal   The Fugitive    
Dookudu (2011) Good Bye Lenin    
Endukante… Premanta Just Like Heaven    
February 14 Necklace Road I Know What you did Last Summer (1997)
Gaayam 2   A History Of Violence  
Game (2006) Changing Lanes    
Ghajini (2008) Momento (2002)    
Hasini   Late Autumn (2010)    
Hello Brother Twin Dragons (Jackie Chan)  
Hero (2008) Police Academy    
Homam (2008) The Departed (2006)  
Indrudu Chandrudu Moon Over Parador    
Indumathi Psycho      
Keka   Classic      
Key (2011) Exam (2009)    
Khaidi (1983) Rambo First Blood    
Kirathakudu Escape from New York (Entire 2nd half)
Manavudu-Danavudu Face Off      
Manmadhudu (2002) What a woman wants  
Maryada Ramanna Our Hospitality    
Mee Shreyobhalashi (2007) Japanese Film Ikinai  
Mosagallaku Mosagadu The Good the Bad and the Ugly
Mrugaraju Ghost and the Darkness  
Nani   Big (1988)    
Nee manasu naaku telusu On the Line (2001)    
Nenu Meeku Telusa Clean Slate (1994)    
Neti Siddartha The Godfather    
Nirnayam Stakeout      
Oka Vichitram Bowfinger    
Oosaravelli Vengeance    
Paape Na Praanam Nick of Time    
Pilla Zamindar (2011) A Millionaire’s First Love  
Pothuraju The Life of David Gale (2003)  
Raatri   The Exorcist    
Robo   Making Mr.Right    
Sakhi   Barefoot in the Park    
Sathi Leelavathi She-Devil      
Satyabhama (2007) 50 First Dates    
Satyame Shivam Planes, Trains, and Automobiles
Sisindri (1995) Baby’s Day out    
Siva Shankar The Road to Perdition  
Stalin (2006) Pay It Forward (2000)  
Thenali   What about Bob?    
Totti Gang Saving Silverman    
Veta (1986) The Count of Monte Cristo  
Visakha Express (2008) Strangers on a Train    
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