9 Powerful Supergirl Quotes

Supergirl who is portrayed as a cousin of Superman has same power vested in her as that of her cousin. She is doing a pretty good job being a Supergirl. I mean it is so good to have a change after so many years of watching men bagging up this role of heroism. She is a sweet girl, who has a tough boss to handle. Her boss is quite mean to her. Apart from taking care of this mean boss, she gotta do a hell lot of things. And those are really important. This series has given us some of the most amazing and powerful quotes. Let’s have a look at the 9 powerful super girl quotes.


She is the new hero in town. She is tough and emotional at the same time. She can make you her fan because of all the amazing wonders she does being a super girl.


This is something that one should truly believe in. Realize who you are and accept it.


Just because she is a girl, doesn’t make her any less than a superhero. Like any other hero, she too has her limitations, but what’s important is that she never stop trying.


And that is very important. You need to find out your way and trust yourself and believe in yourself. Everyone is brave, it is just you need to remind yourself.


Every bit of what she said is just so true. This has been a big tie problem of our society. We always give men and edge over women. Luckily, things are changing.


Probably that’s the reason why most people are not fired.


That’s quite emotional. After all, she is a woman and she has her emotional instincts.


That one is really important. You gotta have faith in yourself and only then you will be able to show your faith in others. That’s how it goes.


“Alex is a lot like Supergirl. She always finds a way. You just have to trust her.”

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