7 Kinds of Kryptonite That Can Totally Destroy Superman

Krypton holds the origin of the symbol of justice and supreme power, Superman, who first appeared in comic books in Action Comics #1 in 1938. The first time Kryptonite made it through The Adventures of Superman radio show in 1943 and depending on the dimensions like Earth-One, Kryptonite appeared in many forms, shapes, and realities. And today, we bring you seven types of Kryptonite that have created a lot of problems for the Man of Steel.

 1. Blue Kryptonite

Types of Kryptonite
7 Types of Kryptonite

Everything was green until Superman used Bizarro Duplicator Ray which changed the Green Kryptonite into a blue color, which he used to stop an army of Bizarros. Unlike other Kryptonite, this one only affects Bizarros, not Kryptonians and humans.

2. Black Kryptonite

Black Kryptonite was first seen in the season four episode “Crusade” of TV’s Smallville. It showed how Clark was retransformed into Kal-El. During the process, Martha Kent places the Black Kryptonite on his chest which splits his personality into two. Moreover, in the episode “Doomsday”, it was used to separate Doomsday from Davis Bloome.

3. Green Kryptonite

Green Kryptonite could take away the powers of any Kryptonian when exposed hugely in pre-crisis. But after the crisis, the Kryptonite could drive out the energy from the Kryptonian cells acting the all the Kryptonians. Clark Kent is as vulnerable to it as he is in the comic books, while its effect on human is uneven. However, any human exposed to it can suffer through several genetic mutations making them so powerful and insane.

4. Yellow Kryptonite

Yellow Kryptonite was a so-called harmless sphere of yellow color as compared to the other Kryptonite. Lex Luthor used it in one of his hoaxes, where he used it to scare The Man of Steel giving him an impression like other Kryptonite.

5. Red Kryptonite

Red Kryptonite was once a Green Kryptonite, but after it passed through a red-hued cloud coming towards earth, it turned red. It majorly affects the Superman making some unpredictable changes that no one can even think of. When exposed to it, Superman can turn into a dragon, suffer power loss, become a non-powered giant, an ant-headed humanoid and gain telepathy. 

6. Silver Kryptonite

Silver Kryptonite has appeared in Smallville, Jimmy Olsen #70 and in the Post-Crisis continuity. At one instance it appeared powerless, was created by Professor Milton Fine and demonstrated mystical properties.

7. Slow Kryptonite

7 Types of Kryptonite

Slow Kryptonite affects humans than Kryptonians. Generally, the rays emitted from a Kryptonite is fast which affects Kryptonians, but this slow version affects the humans and sync along with it.

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