20 Eye Opening Easter Eggs in Doctor Strange 2 Trailer 2

ALL HAIL Kevin Feige THE MIGHTY!! Kevin “CHAD” Feige has done something that we never thought possible. He has united Marvel characters into one comprehensive universe. If you think that you will miss Iron Man when Multiverse of Madness hits the theatres then we have some eye-openers for you today. Here are 20 eye-opening easter eggs in Doctor Strange 2 trailer.

The Multiverse Is Fragmenting

The trailer starts with Strange having nightmares of reality withering away. It is soon revealed that this was just a dream but we think that the dream points towards what is happening in different realities. Because of Strange’s actions, numerous timelines have been destroyed or irreparably changed. He is having visions of his variants watching as realities disintegrate around them. The reason for this, I speculate, is that all the different variants of the Doctor are inherently tasked with the protection of the multiverse and thereby linked through it.


Now that the “bill has come due” so to say, things have started to escalate and they are all called into action simultaneously. To fight this battle is their destiny, so the variants might be warning each other through dreams. We have already seen the evidence of this in What If…? when we saw Strange Supreme conjure up visions to fool Doctor Strange.

The Occupation of Kamar-Taj

Someone or something is targeting Doctor Strange and the attack is coming in the form of a pincer movement. Strange is being executed for his crimes and his allies are being targeted at the same time. Whoever this is, they know what they are doing and intend to completely decimate the former Sorcerer Supreme. Their aim is not to wound but to eradicate. This is witnessed by the fact that they have sent Rintrah to takeover Kamar-Taj while Doctor Strange is taken into custody. What will happen in this gruesome battle could be anyone’s guess.


The Arrest of Doctor Strange

“The bill always comes due”. These words have never been truer than today. It seems that his misdeeds have caught up to him. We very clearly see Strange being led around in shackles. These seem to be some high-tech handcuffs that are resistant to his magic. For there is not much that can hold the former Sorcerer Supreme. Yet, he seems powerless in these babies. What will this lead to and who will we meet in this multiversal trial could be anyone’s guess.

The Trial of Doctor Strange

It seems that there is not only detention but also prosecution for the crimes that Strange has committed while trying to save his universe. He has used the powers of the time stone to save this reality and doomed countless others. In this sense, he is not fit to be the protector of his own dimension, let alone the multiverse. We fear that our Doctor Strange will be thoroughly persecuted by the shadowy figures seen in the trailer. He may even be killed off at the very start as a misdirection. With the multiverse, it is very easy to cause deaths and recreate characters from scratch. Much like Bioshock infinite or Rick and Morty, it is very easy to fall into the trap of abundance.


The Illuminati

Easter Eggs in Doctor Strange 2

All Hail the secret society we all knew would be in this movie. It seems that the leaks were right and the people persecuting Strange are none other than a multiversal version of The Illuminati. This is the secret superhero team from Marvel comics who take the hard decisions that the Avengers never would. The team includes both X-Men and Avengers and other rulers of major nations. We will talk more about this team, but we want you to understand that this is the final destination of all conspiracy theories. This organization of The Illuminati will change the landscape of the MCU.

Ultron Bots

A minor but very interesting detail in the trailer comes from a short snippet when we see Strange being escorted by what looks to be Ultron Bots. These robots seem like they have been taken from Stark’s Iron Legion and are being put to work for The Illuminati. This is no surprise, as Tony Stark has always been a member of this organization and there are versions of him that have attained control over Ultron. One in particular that we will talk about more below.


Professor X is Back

From looking at the footage and listening to the dialogue we can be certain that is in fact Patrick Stewart asking Doctor Strange for an explanation in his trial. This tracks because Professor X has also always been a part of The Illuminati. Fans are speculating that this Professor X is from the Fox Universe but we must tell that he is not. Time Travel works differently in the Fox Universe, it doesn’t have a multiverse. Changes in the past directly affect the present whereas in the MCU a different timeline is created every time a nexus event occurs. Unless they explain it with some throwaway logic, this is a completely new Professor X that the audiences have never seen.

Strange and Chavez’s Multiversal Adventure

Some time back there was a plot leak for Multiverse of Madness which claimed that America Chavez’s multiversal powers would be the source of the chaos in the movie. It seems that the plot leak was only partially true. For America seems to be a crucial part of the movie but there are other things at play. Both Wanda and The Illuminati are planning something and amidst all this America Chavez and Strange are seen traveling through the multiverse.


Star Power

America Chavez is reported to have powers to open portals. It is speculated that she can use her star-shaped portals to travel anywhere in the multiverse. But it seems like she is not in full control of her power. She is traveling through the multiverse but not be able to control where she can and cannot go. It seems like her powers rely on her luck rather than skill and ability. She might learn to control her multiverse star powers throughout the movie. We would have to watch to find out.


Monsters of The Multiverse

There are several easter eggs in Doctor Strange 2‘s second trailer, A bunch of them relate to the different monsters we see in the footage. In these three minutes, we come face to face with two especially terrifying demons. One is the tentacled monster who has been previously identified as Gargantos. Gargantos is a deep-sea monster most commonly seen in stories involving Namor, the Submariner. The second monster we see is new. This is a mummy-like multiversal demon who is holding America Chavez in his clutches. It seems that her luck ran out and she opened a portal to dimension PAIN.


The Disintegration of Strange

Easter Eggs in Doctor Strange 2

In a blink and you miss it the moment we get to see exactly why Sam Raimi thinks he is making a horror movie. There is a snippet of Strange floating in the multiverse while he holds onto someone. At this moment Strange is literally fragmented. He seems to resemble snipped paper and it reminds us of what happened to Drax in Infinity War. Much like how the reality stone turned Drax into loose streamers, Strange might be feeling the effects of his reality falling apart around him.

Superior Iron Man

Superior Iron Man is a version of Iron Man who let his paranoia get the best of him. He gained control of Ultron and designed a suit that he never needs to take off. This is the orange glowing figure we see in the trailer. It is also rumored that this character will be played by Tom Cruise. We might get to see a brutal take on Tony Stark in the MCU. He also seems to be involved in a battle with Wanda later on.


Death of The Illuminati

Wanda can be seen battling the orange figure in the trailer. It is highly likely that this orange figure is Superior Iron Man as played by Tom Cruise. We suspect that this Iron Man is a member of The Illuminati and he is fighting Wanda because she has come to eradicate them. She seems to be wearing her Scarlet Witch garb again. Let’s break down the reason behind it.

Wounded Wanda

Wanda may have to fight a number of threats in this movie including The Illuminati. She has been considerably powered up due to the events of WandaVision but the foes she will face now are going to be relentless. This is evidenced by the fact that she is seen with blood and scars covering her face in the trailer. We may not know who did this but we can venture several guesses.


Rise of The Scarlet Witch

Wanda is also seen revisiting her house in Westview. This scene also has her narration as she raises a very important question to Strange. She is seen as a villain for meddling with reality and hurting a town but Strange might have destroyed entire timelines with the time stone. So why is he revered as a hero? This is the central theme of Wanda’s arc in the movie and we think that she will completely adopt the persona of Scarlet Witch by the end of the movie.

Defender Strange

There is a brief snippet of another variant of Doctor Strange floating through the multiverse in the middle of the trailer. We have dubbed this variant Defender Strange as he is fighting the threats of the multiverse. It is unclear where his loyalties lie but it is nice to see that Evil Strange is not the only Strange variant appearing in the Multiverse of Madness.


Wong Lives

Many people theorized before the release of the second trailer that Kamar-taj would be attacked and that Wong would perish in the said attack. But the second trailer went out of its way to give us a glimpse of a wounded but alive Wong. It seems that Kamar-Taj will receive a lot of damage in the attack but Wong will survive the ordeal and assist Doctor Strange in the final act.

Statue Memorial

In the middle of a trailer, we see Strange looking up at a statue of one of his variants. We assume that this during the tenure of his trial in the headquarters of The Illuminati. This might be the statue commemorating Defender Strange who is seen in the trailer previously. They have the same insignia on their chest so we can deduce that Defender Strange is allied with The Illuminati. He might be the first one to die at the hands of Wanda.


Mordo Vs Doctor Strange

Easter Eggs in Doctor Strange 2

There is also a frame in the trailer where Mordo can be seen attacking a shackled Doctor Strange. While this can be attributed to the fact that he is the antagonist we think that there is more to it. We believe that Strange will try to escape from the trial at The Illuminati and Mordo will stop him, maybe even put him down forcefully.

Zombie Strange

At the tail end of the trailer, we can see the final variant of Strange from the movie (for now). It is a zombified version of the former Sorcerer Supreme. How and why is this version is included in the movie is unclear but we suspect it has to do something with the fact that this was supposed to a horror movie.

Which other easter eggs in Doctor Strange 2 trailer did you pick? Let us know in the comments.

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