No Way Home Writers Reveal The Scene They Found Most Difficult To Write

Spider-Man: No Way Home made the impossible come true with it being the biggest movie of 2021 now. The movie was the culmination of the Spider-Man: Homecoming trilogy and also managed to be a tribute to the character’s past renditions. This will end up being considered amongst the best of the movies that we have seen coming from the MCU. It is a crazy feat to see so many characters being brought together with such a complicated plot. But No Way Home manages to do this while at the same time giving us an absolute cinematic treat. The Spider-Man: No Way Home writers recently talked about scenes that they found difficult to write for the movie.

Spider-Man: No Way Home

There has always been a lot of excitement for Spider-Man films that will explore the multiverse. We actually got a taste of it with the Academy Award-winning animated feature Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse. But it felt fairly obvious that bringing something like this to the live-action is too far-fetched to actually end up happening. But things took a crazy turn when there were details revealed regarding the additional cast of the third entry to the Spider-Man solo venture. There were even major theories regarding past Spider-Man stars reprising their roles based on some major leaks.


Finally, all these theories came true as we got to see some of the most awesome Spider-Man moments occur in No Way Home. This involved the appearance of Spider-Man villains from past Sony Spider-Man films from across the multiverse. The narrative brings them because of a botch-up of the spell that Doctor Strange was trying to do in order to make everyone forget about Spider-Man’s secret identity. This botch-up led to everyone who knew this detail from across the multiverse appearing in the MCU. Not only that, but we also got to see past Spider-Man stars appear in the movie to help Tom Holland’s Spider-Man. Bringing this to the screen in such a successful manner definitely required a lot of hard work associated with writing the script.


No Way Home Writers Talks About Difficult Scenes

While appearing in an episode of The Q&A with Jeff Goldsmith, No Way Home screenwriters Erik Sommers and Chris McKenna shared some insight regarding some of the scenes they found the most difficult to write. During their appearance at the event they mentioned:

Sommers: “I mean, some scenes just have a lot of heavy lifting, right? So any of the scenes where we had all the villains together, and then Peter’s gonna come in and he’s gonna learn some things, and then Doctor Strange is gonna show up and he’s gonna explain what he’s doing, and then Peter’s gonna say ‘No, don’t do that, because they’ll die!’ I think probably that scene right before Peter takes the box away from Doctor Strange.”

No Way Home Writers

McKenna: “You’re still rewriting Goblin’s speech in Happy’s condo right now, aren’t you? Yeah, that was Erik’s cross. I remember you were like ‘I took another whack at it!’ I’m like ‘Erik, we shot it! Its done! The movie’s already out in theaters!’Yeah, that one too. Goblin’s speech when he turns. But I would say, just technically, every movie has one of those scenes for us where it’s like ‘Boy, we have to get a lot of stuff out in this scene and a lot of stuff has to change and we gotta really move things along.”


With so many characters appearing in the movie, Erik Sommers mentioned that they had to make sure no one was treated in a useless manner. He said:

Exposition and emotion, you know? Having a change of heart, making a big decision, there’s just a lot of stuff. We also talk about having mouths to feed in a scene, and that’s just a term I probably picked up in some writer’s room somewhere, but it’s just like ‘How many people are in this scene?’ Sometimes, you’re writing a scene, and there’s so many people in it and you don’t want anyone to just be sitting there on camera not saying anything, and so you need to have everyone weigh in and you want the scene to feel like there’s a reason that character is there. When you have a scene like that and there’s a lot of exposition and there’s a big dramatic decision being made and an emotional shift, some of those scenes can be really hard to write and you write them over and over and over because you’re just trying to get there with the least amount of moves and not make it feel like it’s dragging on and keep it exciting.


It is not surprising to see that the No Way Home writers found these moments rather difficult to write. When we first heard of the idea of so many villains appearing in the movie, the very first thing that we wondered was if the movie was going to do justice to them. The scene where we see all the villains appear together when they are in Happy’s residence with Aunt May. It was necessary to deal with these scenes in a particular manner so that fans can be sure that there is something larger at play in the narrative.


Spider-Man: No Way Home is now playing in theaters worldwide.

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