Every New Super Power Vegeta Will Get After His Spirit Control Training

New Super Power Vegeta After Spirit Control Training:

Vegeta has always liked to gain power on his terms. That is the one quality we truly adore about him. When Goku mastered Ultra Instinct, Vegeta was man enough to follow Goku’s footsteps. He wanted to be better but in his way. He took a different route to defeat Moro. Going to the Planet of Yardrat, he instead learned Spirit Control – the ancient martial art discipline developed by the Elder Monks of Yardrat. In return for his hard work, Vegeta did gain power. He just might be powerful enough to surpass not just Moro but also Goku this time.

 1. Instant Transmission

New Super Power Vegeta Will Get After Spirit Control Training

Instant Transmission is the Ultimate Teleportation technique. By locking onto someone’s Ki, Goku showed the ability to jump from one location in the universe to another. Goku has already shown the ability to combine this technique with other abilities like Instant Kamehameha and Instant Spirit Bomb. The ability is extremely deadly when merged with other attacks. Since the enemy will have a hard time following someone’s Ki as Instant Transmission teleports the user from one place in space-time to another, the attacks become unpredictable. The range and variety of attacks Vegeta will now have now that he has Instant Transmission within his quiver are too many to count.

  2. Energy Absorption

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Energy Absorption is a done and dusted ability within the Dragon Ball Universe. Starting from the Androids to Cell and Majin Buu and now with Moro, Energy Absorption has been the greatest weapon of many antagonists of the series. Moro is the greatest warrior in this field. His Drain Life ability can suck the power of an entire planet. He could use it to energize himself and kill an entire civilization simultaneously. Vegeta will probably now be able to use Ki Absorption the same way as Moro has. He can not only absorb Ki Blasts but also use them to directly drain life from his enemies. This is still an ability yet to be seen within Vegeta’s arsenal though.

 3. Stronger Ki Blasts

New Super Power Vegeta After Spirit Control Training

Ki Blasts are the bread and butter of Dragon Ball. They allow a normal individual to launch devastating strikes against another opponent. Some warriors can use their Ki Blasts to destroy an entire planet. Buu can use the Human Extinction Attack, which can kill an entire civilization. Frieza can destroy a planet with his Death Ball. Broly’s Omega Blaster has the power to take down an entire galaxy. We are not saying Vegeta might be able to achieve that level of strength in his Ki Blasts. Spirit Control does give him the ability to enhance them to a huge extent. Expect a Final Flash that is powerful enough to rip through even Moro or even Jiren. His Gallick Gun could punch through Earth’s crust pretty easily.

 4. Advanced Healing

New Super Power Vegeta

There are so many ways for someone to heal and bounce back in Dragon Ball. You can use the Senzu Beans. You can even wish Shenron or Porunga to restore someone’s energy and body back. Dende and some special Namekians have the power to use their Ki to heal others. But all of these methods require an external force. Spirit Control allows Vegeta to heal by himself without being dependent on the Dragon Balls, the Senzu Beans, or even Dende for that matter. We are yet to see the full extent of the healing powers granted by Spirit Control. Considering it’s the Yardrats that developed this power, who also developed the teleportation technique called Instant Transmission, it will not something that won’t leave you unimpressed for sure.

 5. Cloning

Cloning is the ability to split oneself into multiple duplicates. The cloned versions will either have the same ability as the original or a factor of the number of clones generated. Piccolo, Cell, Buu, Tien – all have shown the ability to clone themselves. But amongst all the techniques, the one that was shown by Perfect Cell was the most superior. Since Perfect Cell had the power of both Piccolo and Tien, it could create multiple clones that do not have a fraction of the strength of the original Cell. Each is as powerful as Perfect Cell. Spirit Control’s cloning power will also grant a similar ability. It will allow Vegeta to create clones that are just as powerful as him.

 6. Forced Spirit Fission

This is the epitome of Spirit Control. Considered by many to be the most difficult and deadliest ability within the Yardrats’ arsenal, Forced Spirit Fission allows a Spirit Control user to essentially control and manipulate the Ki of their opponent. When Pybara used this ability on Vegeta, the Saiyan Prince became so weak he lost his footing. Vegeta later learns this technique and uses it on Moro. Whatever energy Moro had absorbed using his Drain Life ability was taken out of his body by Vegeta and then redistributed back to the people it was stolen from. It can be done either from a distance or by coming close and repeatedly hitting the enemy. Forced Spirit Fission is also capable of resurrecting the dead up to some extent.

 7. Size Alteration

New Super Power Vegeta After Spirit Control Training

The Saiyans are already capable of this ability. When under a full moon, a Saiyan will transform into the Great Ape Form. They are titanic monkeys that breathe energy beams. But Size Alteration is not possible for Vegeta anymore since he does not possess a tail. Spirit Control will give Vegeta the ability to grow huge again. It is stated that by channeling your own Ki in a specific direction inward, you can change the shape of your body. Size Alteration might also mean Vegeta will grow huge as well as small. Maybe he could only enlarge a specific part of his body like his hand or legs. That way he can add a little more punch and kick to his hits.

 8. Fusion Reversal

Fusion has been a weapon that has been used both by the heroes as well as the villains of Dragon Ball. Zamasu and Goku Black have done it. So has Piccolo. Vegeta has claimed that by using his Forced Spirit Fission power, he can not only isolate an enemy’s energy but also separate two beings that were fused either via the Fusion Dance or the Potara rings. What is even more impressive is the fact that Vegeta can reverse permanent fusions like Piccolo’s. He has said it himself that he can do it. Any future villain after Moro who intends to use Fusion to fight the Z Warriors will have to think twice before using it now.

 9. Super Ki Sense

The ability to sense Ki is one of the most fundamental techniques in the lithology of the Dragon Ball Universe. A powerful martial artist worth his salt has the power to gauge an opponent’s strength based on feeling the Ki radiating out of his or her body. Ki Sense works basically the same way as Scouters do. But they are more preferred since scouters generally have a limited range and tend to break when they encounter a sufficiently powerful warrior. Using Spirit Control, Vegeta has achieved what can only be called a Super Ki Sense. This new Ki Sense allows him to extend the range of his sensory prowess by a factor of multiple light-years. Vegeta could sense the Ki coming out of Goku and use that Ki signature to lock his destination to perform Instant Transmission. He did all that while h was still on another planet Yardrat.

 10. More Powerful Spirit Bomb

New Super Power Vegeta Will Get After Spirit Control Training

It was King Kai who taught Goku the ability of Spirit Bomb. A powerful technique, the Spirit Bomb is powered by the life forces of sentient entities. It takes their energy and combines it to form one gigantic ball of pure force that will wipe out anything that is not pure-hearted. The Spirit Bomb has always taken a very long time to be prepared. Goku has never managed to make the technique more efficient. Vegeta could do what Goku could not. He could use his Spirit Control powers to streamline the technique, making the Spirit Bomb into a potent weapon of mass destruction by eliminating several of its handicaps.

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