10 Greatest Non-Avatar Benders in the Avatar Universe – Ranked

We all know the Avatars are the greatest benders the world of Avatar has ever seen. But what about the rest of the folks!! There are a lot of non-Avatar benders who are still one of the most powerful people on Earth, all thanks to their elemental bending skills. Presenting – 10 Greatest Non-Avatar Benders in the Avatar Universe – Ranked!!

10. Combustion Man

Combustion Man does have a very cool ability. Using Fire Bending, he could superheat the air around a target object and the object would burst into flames in a violent explosion. Combustion Man was one of the greatest fire benders because he had developed and mastered the art of combustion bending. The reason he ranks the lowest on this list is because there are glaring flaws in his signature technique. Combustion Man’s bending skill was perfected decades later by P’Li in the Legend of Korra timeline. The fact that he was defeated by a pebble and a boomerang once speaks volumes about his ‘lethality’. His technique is great for long-range combat but it leaves a very huge window for someone to close the distance and draw him into a close-quarter fight, which is where Combustion Bending Falters.

9. Hama

Hama was a legendary genius from the Southern Water Tribe. When the Fire Nation attacked the Southern Water Tribe, it took all of them prisoners. Hama was the last Water Bender standing. She too was imprisoned years later. Hama’s true talent in water bending was seen when she developed the highly lethal and over-powered alternate water bending martial art form called Blood Bending. Blood Bending is the ability of a Water Bender to manipulate the blood inside a person, which is basically made up of mostly water, and use it to control other opponents. Blood Bending is a very effective and powerful water bending style. It could be used to control people and their motor functions against their will. It could also be used to take away the bending skills of people. Hama requires a full moon to use Blood Bending and that is her greatest weakness.

8. Jeong Jeong

Jeong Jeong is a master Fire Bender hailing from the Fire Nation. Just like General Iroh, he developed distaste for Fire Nation’s expansionist policies and banished him-self out of the military. Jeong Jeong’s unique Fire Bending Style is based on the core tenets of discipline and control. Yet when he decides to unleash his wrath and fury on his enemies, he lets go, turning into a rampaging beast. When Sozin Comet came to pass, Jeong Jeong showed his true potential as a fire bender. He took out more than a dozen Fire Nation Tanks without even breaking a sweat. They were extremely precision based strikes leaving no collateral damage. He was also a member of the Order of the White Lotus, a position only given to powerful benders in the Avatar Universe.

7. King Bumi

Greatest Non-Avatar Benders in the Avatar Universe

There is a certain beauty in deception. The ability to fool your enemies for some is an ecstasy beyond human comprehension. King Bumi of Earth Kingdom is a master at this art. He fooled literally everyone with his weak old man image. But in reality, he is one of the greatest Earth Benders to have ever existed. King Bumi could perform Earth Bending without even doing the necessary stances. Only the greatest of all Earth Benders could do that. King Bumi’s might was enough for him to become a member of the Order of the White Lotus and partook in the liberation of Ba Sing Se. With his Earth Bending Skills, he threw away Fire Nation tanks like they were dolls. He also came pretty close to defeating Aang who is the most powerful Avatar to ever exist.

6. Katara

Katara began with nothing. She was not even a novice. Her water bending skills were non-existent during the beginning of the series. She could barely turn water into snow and ice. But as the series progressed, Katara’s development as a capable Earth Bender began to bear fruits. See fought powerful Fire Benders like Zuko and Azula on her own and she did it with agility and speed only a few water bending masters could match with. Soon enough, she also learned that she had the unique skill of healing, a tenet of Water Bending. Katara also knows blood bending. She was able to figure out the intricacies of the deadly art on her own, even though only Hama knew how to perform it at the time and she never told anyone about it. There is no Water Bender as skilled as Katara in the series.

5. Azula

Greatest Non-Avatar Benders in the Avatar Universe

Azula moves forward in cold, calculated precision. She is a warrior who never falters and will never make the wrong choice. She sees a window and she will take it. An expert in the art of lightning bending, Azula was a force to be reckoned with. It took two master benders like Zuko and Katara to even manage to even the playing field with Azula. Then too it was only because Azula entered a mentally deranged state where she was not able to perform her deadly and infamous precision strikes that Zuko gained the upper hand. Fire Lord Ozai was the big bad wolf of the series but it was Azula that scared the living daylights out of everyone whenever she made an appearance.

4. Zuko

Zuko was already a gifted fire bender when the series began. Under his Uncle Iroh’s tutelage, he blossomed into a fine warrior. But it was only after he joined forces with Aang that he gained true power. Zuko was a seasoned veteran. He had the mental acumen of a warrior. His Fire Bending Skills were second only to a few legendary fire benders like Iroh and Ozai. Like his uncle, he too trained with the last of the Dragons, understanding the secrets of fire bending and becoming one of the greatest fire benders the world has ever seen. He was capable enough to figure out Lightning Redirection, an art he used against Azula and Ozai.

3. Toph Beifong

Greatest Non-Avatar Benders in the Avatar Universe

There is no Earth Bender that is worthier of his or her salt than Toph Beifong. She was and always will be the ultimate Earth Bending prodigy. Born to a noble family, Toph grew within the confines of her over-caring parents. But like a true fighter, she managed to find ways to become stronger. She developed and perfected the art of seismic sense, the power of feeling and perceiving the environment around you via vibrations from the Earth. Toph also invented metal bending, an art that became a full-fledged fighting style later in The Legend of Korra series. Kuvira, one of the greatest Metal Benders ever, was caught off guard by Toph, who was well past her prime by then.

2. Iroh

The reason Iroh highest on this list is because he lacks aggression. No one doubts General Iroh’s skills and talent in fire bending. He was one of the two fire benders to have trained with the Dragons, the other one being Zuko. Iroh seldom fought after he lost his son Lu Ten but in the fewer instances he did take up arms, he was a freaking force of nature. He fought Azula long enough for Aang to escape and then voluntarily surrendered. Iroh is the only person according to Zuko who could have defeated Ozai. He understands fire bending like no other in the Avatar Universe. General Iroh is feared and respected for his skills as a warrior.

 1. Ozai

Greatest Non-Avatar Benders in the Avatar Universe

Any fire bender who can fight the Avatar on equal grounds is someone that should be taken seriously. Fire Lord Ozai came from a long line of Fire Nation Conquerors. All his life he had trained to become the world’s greatest fire bender. He had the weight of the world’s most powerful nation on his shoulders. Ozai had his powers drastically enhanced by Sozin’s Comet. He fought Avatar Aang with such incredible speed and strength that Aang almost got killed in the battle. The only way Aang saw him-self winning was by using Energy Bending to take away Fire Lord Ozai’s bending powers. The Avatar found the only way to get out of the battle alive was by using his trump card. That’s how scary powerful Ozai was.

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