Avatar The Last Airbender: All Avatars of the Series – Ranked according to Power Level

There have been many Avatars in the Avatar The Last Airbender Universe. But the fans were lucky enough to see only a few of them in action throughout the series. The question that now arises is – who is stronger than whom within the ranks of known Avatars in the series? Let’s find out! Presenting – Avatar The Last Airbender: All Avatars of the series – Ranked according to Power Level!!

Avatar Wan

Avatar Wan was the first ever Avatar. The Power of Avatar is not just the fact that they have control over all the four elements. An avatar’s greatest asset is the ancestral knowledge and guidance. Avatar Aang and Korra had people like Kyoshi and Roku guide them. Wan did not have that luxury. What he did have was a unique ability of an all-encompassing bending art form nobody else in the history of the world before him had.

Does this mean Wan was a charity case? Hell NO!! Avatar Wan was still a force to be reckoned with. He was powerful enough to travel to the Spirit Realm and trap Vaatu, the being that would one day become the Dark Avatar after fusing with Unalaq centuries later. The only reason Avatar Wan occupies the lowest rank on this list is because of his timing. He was born in an era where bending art forms were still in their nascent stages and many of the skills that we saw in Avatar The Last Airbender and The Legend of Korra were not even developed back then so he never got a chance to learn them to unlock his true potential.

Avatar Kuruk

Being an Avatar means you are pretty much the strongest being on Earth. You have great power in your hands but you also have a huge burden of responsibility. You have to act when the world is in peril and you have to have the mental acumen and charisma needed for an Avatar. Avatar Kuruk was born in a time of harmony and peace. As a result of the world not requiring his services as much, Avatar Kuruk started neglecting his duties and became complacent.

Avatar The Last Airbender: All Avatars of the Series – Ranked according to Power Level

Kuruk was still skilled enough to draw the attention of the powerful Spirit Father-Worm. Kuruk’s biggest regret was he let Koh the Face Stealer, a demonic spirit entity, steal the face of his wife right in front of his eyes. Avatar Kuruk would venture into the Spirit World periodically, to try and defeat Koh and bring back his face’s face but to no avail.

Avatar Yangchen

Yangchen was a pacifist. She preferred negotiations and compromises over anything else. That does not mean that Avatar Yangchen was a pushover. She developed many of the abilities that the latter Avatars used in the future, the most important being the Elemental Sphere technique, which Avatar Yangchen is credited to have perfected. The Elemental Sphere method was used by Avatar Aang during his fight with Fire Lord Ozai centuries later.

Yancghen has also fought a massive spirit entity that goes by the name General Old Iron. General Old Iron was thought to be invincible before the mortal Avatar Yanghcen proved everyone wrong by not only fighting him but also bringing the big red-skinned behemoth to his knees.

Avatar Roku

Avatar The Last Airbender: All Avatars of the Series – Ranked according to Power Level

Avatar Roku has several achievements to his name. His exploits are written and told in detail to the younger generations. Avatar Roku is a skilled Fire Bender. But he struggled to master his bending opposite – Water Bending, a feat that did not take too long for Kyoshi and Korra. Avatar Roku, unlike the other Avatars, was not a natural. He worked hard to become as powerful as he is known as today.

In his later years, Roku would become extremely powerful. As he kept practicing, he learnt how to use Fire Bending with incredible accuracy like when he sliced open the chains without hurting the people it was binding, using precision based fire bending. He also knew how to manipulate lava, showing an innate talent for Lava Bending. He met his demise while fighting “The Volcano”.

Avatar Kyoshi

Avatar The Last Airbender: All Avatars of the Series – Ranked according to Power Level

Avatar Kyoshi is almost a celebrity figure within the ranks of Avatar. She has shown abilities and feats that make her an absolute legend, even amongst other Avatars. Born to the Earth Kingdom, Kyoshi proved to a natural prodigy in Earth Bending, Fire Bending, and Water Bending. Unlike Aang, who had a natural aversion to Earth Bending and took the longest to master it, Avatar Kyoshi, whose polar opposite is Air Bending, managed to find a novel method to integrate Ai Bending into her style – Hand Fans. Kyoshi was so powerful she could use alternate bending art forms like Lava Bending.

Kyoshi has separated an entire land-mass from the mainland using her Bedning Skills. Using a combination of Earth Bending, Fire Bending, and Water Bending, Kyoshi created an entire continent in seconds. While an impressive show of strength and skill, it was also her kryptonite. Avatar Kyoshi has a tremendous lack of accuracy and precision when she is using her bending talents. Unlike other Avatars like Aang and Korra, who managed to confine their powers so that there is as little collateral damage as possible, Kyoshi failed to protect Chin the Conqueror from certain death. As a result, the greatest conflict in the Aavatar Universe – the Hundred Years War began. The events of Avatar the Last Air-Bender are mainly because Avatar Kyoshi lacked self-control.  And that is why she is the third entry on this list while she could have easily been the first.

Avatar Korra

It must come as a surprise to many to see Korra as the second strongest Avatar on this list. There are reasons for that as well. Korra was a bending prodigy. Apart from air-bending, Korra learnt every other bending form with amazing ease. She was forced to go on a quest to fight the Dark Avatar, the fusion of Vaatu and Unalaq, as well as other foes who could take away the bending powers of other benders including Korra. Korra did manage to master air-bending in the end and was adept enough in the art form to outperform Air Bending Geniuses like Jinora and Tenzin.

Avatar The Last Airbender: All Avatars of the Series – Ranked according to Power Level

The one true weakness of Korra as an Avatar was that she was too focused on power. Being an Aavatar means you have to be as hard as rock as well as smooth as flowing water. Neglecting the softer, more meta-physical and spiritual aspects cost her dearly later. She had to relearn how to unlock her spiritual state as an Avatar. But that was no handicap for Korra while she fought many foes early on in the series. Most of her fights ended pretty quickly. Korra also mastered the mutilate Avatar form very early in her career, proving to everyone that she is better than even Aang in this field.

Her Avatar powers included her being able to vanquish evil spirits using Spirit Bending and hold off energy beams powerful enough to rip open the Spirit World. She could even use her powers, like Aang, to restore or remove bending powers from others.

Avatar Aang

The reason Aang occupies the first position in this ranked list is because he had nothing to begin with. The Air Nomads had been destroyed and he was the last known air bender. Trapped in ice, frozen within his Avatar State, Aang had to learn everything from scratch. He had not teacher to teach him the art of Earth bending, Water bending and Fire Bending. Aang also had a very short time to learn everything. Within a year, Aang did not just master the Avatar state but also learnt all the four bending arts. Apart from that, he also learned how to perform energy bending. Using Energy Bending, Avatar Aang had the power to take away the bending powers of any enemy bender he encounters. He used it on Fire Lord Ozai and thus ended the Hundred Years War.

Avatar The Last Airbender: All Avatars of the Series – Ranked according to Power Level

When Aang fought Fire Lord Ozai in the climactic battle in the series, Sozin’s Comet had already enhanced his incredible strength to near god like levels. Fire Lord Ozai was at his peak of strength when Aang made him bite the dust. Aang also showed increased proficiency in the Elemental Sphere technique that Avatar Wan and Yangchen are known practitioners of. Aang also revealed that he is good at alternate sub-bending art forms. He used the Lightning Redirection technique developed by General Iroh very effectively. His air-bending abilities were also legendary. He could adapt him-self to any environment and dodge any attack thrown his way with relative ease. Avatar Aang will always be the greatest Avatar of the series.

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