WandaVision: New Trailer Confirms Vision Will Escape Westview

WandaVision is currently streaming on Disney+ and has shifted gears into hyper-speed with its fourth episode, and it just got intense. The third episode saw the mention of Ultron and Geraldine, Monica Rambeau, played by Teyonah Parris, being thrown out of Wanda’s Westview reality. This was the moment where fans knew that WandaVision is switching speeds for the better, and episode four just proved that. Friday’s episode 4, entitled “We Interrupt This Program,” represented a shift for the show.

Episode 4 decided to focus on the characters that are not in Westview, and rather enlightened a number of other MCU characters, like the SWORD agent Monica Rambeau, FBI Agent Jimmy Woo (Randall Park), Dr. Darcy Lewis (Kat Dennings) who was last seen in Thor: The Dark World, all of them collectively trying to figure out the mystery of Westview. The episode revealed that Wanda and Vision are stuck inside Westview, a town that seems to have been created by Wanda herself. It also revealed that Wanda is attempting to keep out anyone who isn’t part of her alternate reality, expelling Monica when she realizes she’s an intruder. But there’s still no confirmation of just what Westview is, or whether Wanda did in fact create it, or has been trapped there by a villain who has yet to be revealed.

Vision Escape Westview

A new trailer was released by Marvel on Friday, featuring a hint that Vision manages to escape, or at least attempts to escape out of Westview. He can also be heard asking “What is outside of Westview,” confirming that he’s realized that something is very wrong with the town. The trailer features shots of Vision trying to break through the psychic force field surrounding Westview. Check the trailer below:

As pointed out by Darcy in episode 4, Vision was actually – practically and literally – killed by Thanos during the events of Avengers: Infinity War, so his appearance in Wanda’s reality is merely a projection. That seemed to be confirmed in the final scene of the episode, which showed Wanda seeing Vision’s ruined head for a few seconds. So the new trailer prompts us to ask the question of what will actually happen to Vision if he ever breaks out of Westview? In the reality, that isn’t Wanda’s, and he is dead.

If it is the case that he’s a projection, Vision will likely die if he leaves Westview, setting off a chain of events that could break whatever reality he and Wanda have been trapped in. It’s further confirmation that Vision himself is one of the biggest threats to Wanda’s reality. There are instances where we see Vision questioning things that are happening around him, and he will be more curious to get to the bottom of these mysteries, forcing Wanda to work doubly hard in keeping up with the charade. It has happened twice now in WandaVision that Vision has questioned the events around him and in Westview. In both instances, Wanda was able to cover things up by turning back time, manipulating the subsequent events, and distracting Vision from his dangerous thoughts.

Vision Escape Westview

WandaVision is into its fourth episode out of nine, and things are taking a turn for the better. It won’t be long enough where we see ourselves asking a lot of questions while having all the answers. This latest promo teases that the mystery of what’s really happening could be revealed soon.

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