Doctor Strange 2 Made The Biggest Mistake By Not Adding White Vision

Multiverse of Madness is a crazy ride through the fun town of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. We feel that Marvel had good intentions when they came up with making a horror movie out of Doctor Strange 2 but it was a big mistake not to run with that idea. They should have not tried to make this into a Doctor Strange film. Instead, it could have been a self-contained film about Wanda’s rampage. Her slow descent into insanity would have been more interesting to watch than this hastily assembled hotchpotch of footage. This movie could have benefitted from more Wanda content and in that regard, we feel that Doctor Strange 2 made the biggest mistake by not adding White Vision into the story.

The last time we saw this character was during the finale of WandaVision. This show ended with a blast as the 4 titans clashed in Westview. Wanda tussled with the reality of the situation and contended with Agatha Harkness in a contest of magic. While at the same time Hex Vision and White Vision went on to have a battle that became more philosophical than anything else. At the core of their conflict was a simple question, Who is the real Vision. Was it the Hex Vision who only retained the memories of the original Vision or was it the White Vision who retained everything but the memories? It was an interesting philosophical problem but the ultimate answer was a simple one.


Doctor Strange 2 Made The Biggest Mistake

As the Hex reality crumbled, the Hex Vision began to crumble and fade away with it. But before that could happen he ensured that White Vision would access his memories and remember his love for Wanda. This allowed Hex Vision to achieve his goal even whilst he was disappearing. White Vision re-evaluated the situation and realized that he had been in a hell-like fever dream. He had finally come to his senses and had both his memories and his life back. The only thing that was missing was Wanda and the mind stone. So Vision decides to take a breather and think about this new life and he flies off into the distance.


This was the last we saw of him in the MCU. Ever since the finale, there has been no trace of the character. We think that Doctor Strange 2 made the biggest mistake by not including this character in their movie. Since part of the reason for Wanda’s psychotic break in the movie was the death of Vision and the disappearance of her kids due to the breaking of the hex, the situation could have been mitigated by having White Vision intervene with Wanda’s rampage. He might not be the true Vision in all of his mind stone glory, but he retains the body and the memories of the original Vision.


Doctor Strange 2 made the biggest mistake

Moreover, this character was not supposed to overpower Wanda in the story, so the absence of the mind stone powers may not hurt his chances that much. But we feel that Wanda might have wanted to have an honest conversation with this version of Vision. She has been in a vulnerable place since the events of Infinity War and Endgame and some of that tension could have been built upon in this movie.


The Future

It may not be the most original of ideas, bringing back a lover to mitigate a rampage by a character (Re: Justice League) but it would have certainly helped in the overall presentation of Multiverse of Madness. Admittedly, this movie was all over the place. Things took a very drastic turn in the second half and the final moments of the movie were more than a cliche-driven climax. Now we are even more convinced that Doctor Strange 2 made the biggest mistake by not adding White Vision.


But maybe it could have used the multiverse to show us a different version of the character. Who knows? We should not dwell on these facts more than necessary.

Do you also think that Doctor Strange 2 made the biggest mistake by not adding White Vision? Let us know what you think about this down in the comments and keep watching this space for everything Marvel, DC, and Hollywood. Excelsior!!!


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